Get beach body ready with an organic golden glow

Getting your body ready for the beach doesn’t have to mean starving yourself or spending hours slogging away at the gym. There are some easy and non-tortuous ways to help shape up.

Noelle O’Connor, founder of the world’s first eco-certified self-tanning brand, TanOrganic, shares her tips on becoming bikini-ready for the summer holidays:

Top up your magnesium levels: If you have low levels of magnesium, your body may be producing extra cortisol, which may contribute to weight gain. Look for a ‘chelated’ magnesium supplement, which means it will be more easily absorbed into the body and could help you get that sought-after flat belly.

Start your day with lemon juice: Drinking a glass of warm lemon juice first thing in the morning can really help to kick start your metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. This in turn, could help your body to process food and contaminants quicker, aiding weight loss and improving the appearance of skin tone.

Work out with a wall: Doing just 15 minutes of exercise per day can really help to shape your body. Buying expensive equipment or joining a gym isn’t necessary either; all you need is a wall:

For thighs and buttocks, press your back flat against the wall, with legs hip width apart, and gently lower yourself into a squat position, tensing your legs and bottom and then straighten up. Repeat 20 times, ensuring your knees don’t go over your toes.

For toning arms, you can do a less-aggressive version of a push-up, but against a wall. Stand about two foot away from the wall, with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands flat on the wall. Slowly bend your arms, lowering yourself towards to the wall and back to upright again.

For tummies, assume the same position for the wall push-ups, lower yourself towards the wall and then slowly raise each leg in turn behind you, tensing your abs as you do so.

Scrub for glowing skin: Sloughing off dead skin cells can instantly make your skin appear healthier and glowing. You don’t need to go to a salon for expensive microdermabrasion treatments. Use TanOrganic’s Tan Erase Mitt (£14.99) in a firm, circular motion all over your body to help remove dead cells.

Fake it: A fake tan can make the world of difference when it comes to looking slimmer. It can add more definition and help to cover any blemishes or skin imperfections. Add a layer ofTanOrganic Self-Tanning Oil (£24.99) after exfoliating and admire the bronzed glow!

Choose flattering beachwear: We all have naturally different body shapes, from apples to pears, to small or large busts and long or short legs. Wearing something to suit your shape will enhance your figure. If you’re small on top, try to find something with ruffles, or if you’re more curvaceous on the bottom, balance out your frame with a plunging neckline. Team your beachwear with a tassled mini-sarong which will create sway when you sashay in the sand.

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