A disastrous rebranding campaign almost destroyed a thriving juice business according to its CEO.  Adam Pritchard, who launched pomegranate juice business PomeGreat in 2000, says that in a fit of midlife madness he abandoned a carefully nurtured brand and started to develop a new identity for the business with superheroes emblazoned all over the packaging.

PomeGreat was launched in 2000 and quickly became an up-and-coming brand in the juice industry, offering antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice to consumers.  Listings in major supermarket chains followed and a string of health studies by academics worldwide pointed to wide-ranging health benefits.  Sales rocketed.

Then in 2011, after a minor slowdown in sales, Adam Pritchard changed his advisory team and took a brand that had built a loyal middle-aged customer base in a completely new direction.

Adam Pritchard said:  “Most men will recognize that moment when they think they are ready for a soft-top car, or ‘menoporsche’ as I like to describe them.  I think what I did to the business was the commercial equivalent of an inappropriate cosmetic procedure.”

“My core customers are men and women aged 45 and above and yet here I was rebranding my business to look like something more appropriate for an eight year old.”

“Superheroes. Superheroes? What was I thinking? I wanted to emphasize the idea of pomegranates as a superfood and the energy and great feeling they give you although I realize now that there were more subtle ways I could have got this message across.”

“As my customers slowly drifted away, I gradually realized that dressing up as a superhero was not really suitable for either a middle-aged man or a carton of pomegranate juice. It’s time to pack the cape away and stop playing games.”

“I really hope this brief foray into the world of caped crusaders hasn’t put people off trying PomeGreat. Now I’ve come to my senses, I’m going to direct my energy into rebuilding the brand and getting it back where it used to be. No more superheroes.”

In the last year, more than twenty new studies have pointed to the therapeutic benefits associated with pomegranate juice consumption.  Previous published studies have pointed to links with weight management, especially around the stomach, stress management, libido, skin health, arterial health and more.

He added: “The extraordinary thing is that there appears to be no end to the promise of this ancient fruit.  It has been consumed for health reasons for millennia, which is a pretty good field study when you think about it.”

New PomeGreat formulations are returning to the original packaging will be in the chiller cabinets of major supermarkets from this weekend.  Pritchard has also taken the opportunity to take all processed sugars out of the juice and replace them with a natural extract approved by a leading diabetes prevention charity.

“Health has always been a core part of our offering.  I’ve thrown away the superhero capes and I’m getting back to what we’ve always been good at: a drink that is all about real health and vitality.”