Diane Discusses Toxic World, Toxic People

Orange County Nutritionist Diane Kazer Fdn has been reading Toxic World Toxic People – here is what she has had to say about it!

Why am I so fat, infertile, fatigued, unable to build muscle, sleep, sex it up, chill in a good mood, get work done without brain fog…yada, yada, yada? Enclosed is the ANSWER:
THIS SATURDAY, Darren McDuffie and I interview Anna Victoria Rodgers, author of Toxic People, Toxic World.
An 800 + page book on how to minimize our exposure to harmful toxins in:
*personal care products
*home care products
*immunizations and shots
*foods, supplements, drugs…
LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO on WHY this one needs to get spread nation wide.
She’s attracting and being endorsed by celebrites all over the place and she’s from the UK, but we want to viralize her word across the US too! 
PLEASE SHARE THIS, get her message OUT! 
Our babies NEED US!