Children’s Boot Camp – Let’s Change Children’s Health Together

It’s a Summer camp focusing on children’s health and personal confidence. We focus the residential camp’s results on each individual child. Our team of expert nutritionists, adolescent physical trainers and outdoor activity experts have teamed together to develop a course that will help children reach their optimal health through weight loss, increased fitness, education and most importantly increased self esteem. It’s a fun camp that will help any child reach their optimal health.

Quick Facts About The Condition of Children’s Health Today and What Has Inspired New You Boot Camp to Launch A Summer Camp to Help Families.

“We know obese children are more likely to become obese adults who are then at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke. We must encourage the next generation to make healthier lifestyle choices and help them eat a balanced diet and stay active. Ensuring children and teenagers are a healthy weight today means healthier hearts tomorrow.”

Children face serious health problems in later life because they are not eating enough fruit and vegetables and are not doing enough exercise, the British Heart Foundation has warned.

Teenagers seem to be worse than younger age groups, with many watching too much TV and missing out on vital nutrients, according to the report by BHF and Oxford University.

Around 30% of children and young people are overweight or obese, which can cause problems including diabetes and heart disease.


Details About The Children’s Boot Camp Course

At New You Boot Camp we are offering a course to help not just children but the entire family. Every other Saturday will be a Family Fun Day. The Children will help the chefs to prepare the buffet lunch for their families and we will hold an entire Family Sport’s Day to encourage the whole family to get active and eat healthy. Ultimately, the children do not do the food shopping so if the whole family can get involved then the results will be even better.

Throughout the children’s stay we will have many different sports, adventure activities, cookery classes, camp fire cooking, barbecue preparations, and we even have a tuck shop every week where the children will prepare their own healthy sweet treats. We are going to find out which sports the children love, which foods they love and open them up to a fun healthy world where they appreciate it is important to look after themselves.

This summer camp is constantly supervised and a fantastic way for any child to share their summer holidays with like minded children and make new friends.

When it comes to food and nutrition at the New You Kid’s Boot Camp, their chefs have worked with their Nutrition Squad to put together mouth-watering menus and meal plans using local ingredients that compliment educating children and aid the challenge of introducing children to new foods. Through food taste challenges, foraging, survival days, cookery classes, tuck shop cooking and teaching the children where food comes from we will help children reach their optimal weight.


Situated within the beautiful North Somerset Countryside with easy access from London.


Dates for 2013: July 20th 2014 to August 31st 2014. The School Summer Holidays. We offer either Two Week, Four Week or the Full Six Week residential programmes.


Prices from: Prices start from £1500 per child.  Bespoke collections and travel plans can be arranged at an additional cost.


For more information visit or to speak to any of our specilist team please contact Jacqui Cleaver. Email – Jacqui(at) Telephone: 01202 559336