Ecofriendly Kids Feeding Set – made from 100% plant material.

This is such a cute feeding set! My daughter, Lola, just loves her Swedish Girl set! They are bright, very sturdy and unbreakable. You would not know this isn’t typical toxic plastic! You can stack the set like in the picture so that your child thinks its a little toy, then you put their food in it and it becomes something even more fun! Maybe it would even help a fussy child to eat more! Anna Rodgers Miss Eco Glam


In 1964, Walt Disney debuted the ride It’s a Small World at the World’s Fair in New York. It was so successful, Walt re-opened it at Disneyland in 1966.

Walt Disney commissioned the talented and inspired illustrator Mary Blair to craft It’s a Small World. Blair is a legend within the design community and her simplicity and whimsical style were the perfect choice for these iconic characters.

Designed In London have revisited these stunning archive artworks to recreate a new collection in the spirit of Mary’s original designs, including these fun and practical stacking sets.

Classic cups, bowls & plates have been transformed and cleverly crafted to form ‘mini-people’ in a stacked set. Packaged in eye-catching open-front boxes-these characters are ready to add some real personality to any child’s mealtime.

Crafted using the new material PLA – plastic has finally gone eco! 100% recyclable & biodegradable, and 100% made from plant materials. Microwave & dishwasher safe.


DISNEY PLA Eco plastic meal sets, Cup, bowl & plate from £20