n this inspiring new video, Quest of an Extreme Pilgrim, from Life Arts Media – filmed at Quest Festival 2013 in Devon, UK – Will Gethin interviews Peter Owen Jones, the intrepid vicar, spiritual explorer, TV presenter and author – whose philosophy is that spirituality can be found anywhere, not just in a church. 


In recent years, Peter has presented some award winning TV documentaries for the BBC, including Extreme Pilgrim (nominated best religious programme ever made by the Daily Telegraph), Around the World in 80 Faiths and How to Live a Simple Life. He has also written four highly acclaimed books, the most recent being Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim. After an early career in advertising, he left the material rat race to join the clergy in his late 20s, becoming ordained in 1992. He is now a house for duty priest on the Sussex Downs.


Hear about Peter’s epic pilgrimages around the world, his “calling to God” and remarkable transition from London’s advertising fast lane to the sacred rural life of a priest and champion of ethics.  Be inspired by Peter’s appeal to take care of our planet so we leave our grandchildren a world to inherit that’s worth living in.



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