The movement in favour of natural henna hair colouring is gathering pace! With the new generation of henna products from Surya Brasil, getting the shade you desire has never been easier. Surya Henna Creams are free from chemical nasties and are made from natural ingredients. Matched by the latest hair colouring technology, Surya Henna Cream colours are a world away from the monotone red shade associated with the patchouli soaked 70’s.


These unique hair colouring products come in a variety of shades including reddish dark blonde, burgundy, red and strawberry blonde and offer you simultaneous colouration as well as a deep hydrating conditioning treatment for the hair. You can even create your own unique shade of red by mixing two or more shades.


Surya Henna Creams are safe to use on chemically treated, colour treated and highlighted hair.  Also anyone who suffers from itchy/tingling scalp or hair dye allergies or other harsh chemicals can safely use this product. They provide a genuinely natural alternative to harsh and chemically loaded semi-permanent hair colours.  Unlike conventional chemical hair dyes, they smell clean and cover 100% grey hair as well as offering an effective treatment for recovering hair and protecting against environmental pollution, chlorine from swimming pools, wind and the detrimental effects of hair driers.

Providing high performance colour from the very first application, you will see your hair˙s condition improve and become soft, silky and shiny. The range contains in its formula natural and exotic ingredients from the Amazon Forest and India such as extracts of berries, nuts, herbs and plants such as Acai, Arnica, Chamomile, Henna, Genipap and Mallow. Surya Henna Cream and Powder contains no PPD (para-phenylenediamine), a chemical compound found in many hair dyes and widely recognised by medics to be a major skin irritant.*

Tips and Directions for Use Surya Henna Cream:

  • For best results, prior to using the product, wash the hair with Surya Color Fixation Restorative Shampoo to remove residues such as gel, fixative, cream or oil.
  • Surya Henna Cream may be applied several times without any interval. 
  • Surya Henna Cream is indicated for all hair types. Colour uptake should be monitored in the case of dry, damaged or processed hair. 
  • In case of error in the selection of a colour, another Surya Henna Cream can be applied after previous colouring, leaving your hair shiny and radiant.
  • Surya Henna Creams make colouring your hair in the privacy of your own home an effortless proposition.
  • After use, the formulation will stay active for up to a year.


Surya Henna Cream Colour Range:

Dark Brown, Chocolate, Light Brown, Golden Brown, Mahogany, Burgundy, Copper, Black, Reddish Dark Blonde, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Swedish Blonde, Light Blonde, Red, Silver Fox.  Price 13.80/£12.00.



About Surya Brasil:

·         A beauty company with a mission, Surya Brasil has set forth to create the best quality natural personal care products embracing the Ayurvedic principle that promote beauty, health and well-being while bringing forward action that benefits society and the environment.

·         Passionately committed to environmental conservation, animal protection and social responsibility, Surya Brasil is internationally recognised and acclaimed for its premium natural hair colourants and treatments which are sold in leading natural beauty stores all over the world.

·         Surya Brasilâ•˙s President and Founder Clélia Angelon founded the company in 1995.

·         The Surya Brasil collections include Surya Brasil Henna Colour, Amazonia Preciosa, Sapien for men, Color Fixation, Moisturising Lip Balms.

·         All Surya Brasil products are natural, vegan and gluten free. Their products are never tested on animals and Surya Brasil only works with recyclable packaging or materials sourced from sustainable forests (FSC).

·         In addition some of the Surya Brasil ranges are also Ecocert certified, PETA, Forest Stewardship Council, Cosmebio and the Fair Trade Organisation.

·         Surya Brasil is a member of the Brazilian Trade Association for Natural Products and Well-Being that brings together companies that market natural products with environmental responsibility. The company is also a member of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics and Organic Trade Association. 


Surya Henna Cream Stockists:

Your Tonic is the official online distributor of Surya Brasil and other natural cosmetics and complementary healthcare brands in the UK and Ireland. Yourtonic.comâ•˙s goal is to bring the creme de la creme of natural products to support your health and beauty needs. For further information tel (01) 2833777 or


* Ref British Medical Journal 2007