Why is this book with the funny title getting so much attention?


It’s E-Squared. It’s been on the New York Times Bestseller list for 12 weeks in a row now and hundreds of fans and friends on Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are raving about it, including Louise L. Hay and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!

“We are all a magnet for miracles. And I find great joy in helping to inspire people to practice positive affirmations and learn to shift their thought patterns so that they, too, can experience the evidence in their own lives. As Pam also reminds us in her wonderful new book, E-Squared, we simply need to keep an open mind, trust our own experience, and believe.”

—Louise L. Hay

“I have always believed that we can direct the course of our own destiny. So I was anxious to read Pam Grout’s new book, E-Squared, and try some of the experiments showing how our thoughts create our reality.  I decided to be cute and test this power of intention by asking for something that would not likely be found in my possession. When more than one hair scrunchie showed up in my house, I had to smile.  It just validates once again one of my favorite mantras: You’ll see it when you believe it.”

—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

E-Squared Will Rock Your Reality

“If you’ve read The Secret or been in metaphysical spiritual circles for any time at all, you already know your thoughts create your reality, that there’s a power in the Universe that can heal, and that you and you alone design your own life.


Unfortunately, there’s still this tiny little problem, this one itty-bitty catch. You don’t really believe it.”


This is a quote from Pam Grout’s new book, E-Squared. Raise your hand if she’s talking about you!


Sure, you have bookshelves overflowing with the wisdom of your favorite Hay House authors. You’ve taken every workshop and online class you can fit into your schedule to tune in, get the life you love, be your potential and experience your good now. Plus your house is wallpapered with Post-Its full of affirmations that you try remember to say every day. By all definitions, you’re a card-carrying member of the “enlightened few.”


So why aren’t you creating the life you desire?


Is it simply because your negative, old beliefs keep cropping up and it’s a habit to believe them?


I’m falling apart.
The pain is killing me.
This relationship is never going to work.
I always have bad luck.
My life sucks.


At one of Hay House’s I Can Do It Conferences, Louise Hay said it loud and clear: “If you keep saying your life sucks… that’s what you’re going to get.”


For 25 years, Louise has taught us about the power of our positive thoughts and how these thoughts create your reality. But how do you put your heart and soul in a belief that your thoughts are that powerful and that you can truly create your reality when sometimes you’re convinced that your life really does suck?


By reading Pam Grout’s book, E-Squared. What’s so special about this new book?

Pam discovered a new approach to actually proving that your thoughts create your reality. Yes, you read that right. You’re about to get proof for one of the affirmations you’ve been practicing for years:


My Thoughts Can Create My Reality.


How is that possible? Well, Pam cleverly created nine very simple experiments that will help you work in cooperation with Life to attract all that you desire. Or as one reviewer on Amazon said it best: “It’s the Law of Attraction, baby!” It’s about focusing not on what we see, but on what we want to see.


No need to worry if you’re not quite sure about how the Law of Attraction really works or that you never really understood exactly what Quantum Physics is all about. Pam spells it out plain and simple: The Universe is made up of nothing but waves and particles of energy. This field of potentiality, which she calls the FP, is the blueprint that forms reality. So all you have to do is concentrate your thoughts on what you want and the FP will conform to your wishes.


So it’s what Wayne Dyer has been saying all along. “You’ve got to see it to believe it!”


Pam says the FP is dependable, predictable and available to everyone from St. Francis of Assisi to Barbara Walters. It’s like electricity. The power is always there whenever you need it. But it won’t work unless you plug into it.


Here’s a great example: Pam says for years she hung a calendar beside her bed, plucking it down from time to time to jot down important events or to look back for the date she last cut her hair or met so-and-so or went to the dentist. One night, she grabbed the calendar a bit too eagerly and pulled out the small nail that secured it to the wall. She got down on her knees to search for it. How far can a little nail go, right? She looked and looked and looked. Apparently, that little nail had secured a Harry-Potter style invisibility cloak, because it was nowhere to be found. Sound familiar?


Pam finally concluded that she had spent enough time crawling around on her carpet and that she would just send out an intention for it to show up. Within 24 hours.


Are you ready for what happened the following morning? When she woke up, the nail was in her hand nestled between her thumb and forefinger.


Pam says since then, she’s gone on to manifest all sorts of cool things—from dates with hot guys to a Toyota Prius—but none of them made the kind of impression that the simple little nail did.


Remember, all of the nine experiments in Pam’s book require only a little bit of your time (24-48 hours) and a little faith in your beliefs. Are you ready to test your own FP to manifest a hot new romance or a Toyota Prius?


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