Kira’s October Love Letter

I live in a world where I am surrounded by people who cure themselves of terminal diseases; heal themselves of a past full of abuse and torture; overcome financial hardship, broken hearts, broken families, the effects of war, and all manner of hardships.

Daily I meet people who up to their eyeballs in struggle but who are looking for the chink of light, who ask me, and my friends, if we can find that chink of light and show it to them, so they can leap inside it. And they do.

The people I meet are walking miracles.

The appearance of miracles is always shining bright, and never made ordinary no matter how many times these walking miracles step along.

It’s always breathtaking and fresh to be with someone who has overcome the odds and shines with the love of it. And now I realise that this is everyone really, no exceptions.

When I look at someone without my own mind in the way, when I just drop my own self, and really meet a person fully, I discover that they are a walking miracle.

When I am consumed by my own story, fogged by a cloud of ‘me’ and “I” thoughts,  the miracle of the other person isn’t revealed, it just doesn’t happen.  All I see is ‘normal’ people, grey faces, I never connect in a way that reveals someone else’s miraculous ness.

One wise man told me “Drop your self”

And this is the result, it revealed others to me in a new way, and I’ve found out that everyone is a walking miracle.

The ordinary façade drops and true magic is revealed. It is Real Love, isn’t it?


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With Love,