New Raw GO! Kombucha Flavours Launch In The UK

Unlike other Kombucha products on the market GO! Kombucha uses only organically sourced Chinese teas to create their range of flavours, nothing else. A considerable amount of research has gone into the development of GO! Kombucha to create the most authentic product possible, with real body and kick that energise and revitalise. Available in both take home and grab and go bottles, GO! Kombucha is not pasteurised or heat treated, just 100% live with abundant probiotic acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants, and so is suitable for ‘raw foodies’ and vegans.

The earliest recorded consumption of Kombucha tea dates back to the Ancient Chinese Dynasties, where its cleansing and restorative properties were enjoyed by emperors and warriors alike. According to the mystical Zen masters, Kombucha is a source of chi – a revitalising life energy that aligns and harmonises the body and mind with the soul.

Today, Kombucha is enjoyed across the world by those wanting pure, unadulterated Kombucha tea with optimum potency, just as millions of nutritionally aware people have been making in their own homes for centuries. Kombucha tea is extremely versatile. It can be drunk before breakfast to alkalize the body and kick start the day, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or in the evening instead of a glass of wine.

GO! Kombucha is available in four teas each selected for their delectable and contrasting flavours; light and mellow Green Sencha (750ml), bold and earthy Red Pu-Erh (750ml), smooth and fragrant China White (250ml) and zesty and aromatic Golden Yunnan (250ml).

GO! Kombucha is distributed throughout the health food trade and is available at all major health food chains including Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Panacea.

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