Sock amnesty announced as UK enters Sock-tober

A UK-based gentlemen’s outfitters and style website is announcing a sock amnesty after its own survey revealed the disturbing state of the nation’s sock drawers.

Results of a poll carried out by the website found that nine out of ten men still kept socks despite them being riddled with holes; while nearly half of chaps would put dirty socks back in the drawer to use another day.

Urging gentlemen to give their old socks to charity as part of its Sock-tober event, said they are hoping to help men take a step in the right direction.

?We’ve kicked off the Sock-tober campaign as a direct result of this survey,? said ‘s Gentleman Creation Officer Mark Hall, ?We want to dress the chaps of this nation as best we can, and help good causes into the bargain.?

According to the results of the poll of its customers in the month of September:

  • 88% of men kept an old pair of socks even if they had holes in them
  • 84% of men have socks at the back of their drawer they haven’t worn for at least a year
  • 54% of men have novelty socks received as a gift they’ve never worn
  • 46% of men would put worn socks back in the drawer unwashed
  • Only 12% of men have cleared out their sock drawers in the last year and replaced old socks with new

?This paints a depressing picture of gents’ sock habits,? said ‘s Mark Hall. ?Men are stepping out with dirty socks and socks with holes, and that’s not the way of the gentleman at all.?

?It’s time we did something about this.?

As part of their Sock-tober promotion, Socked want men up and down the country to clear out their sock drawers and give the old garments to charity, where they can be either sold on, or recycled as rags. In return, every new sock subscription received this month will result in a donation to the Help for Heroes forces charity.

?We’re urging men to hand their old socks over to the proper authorities,? said Hall, ?and we can help a jolly good cause while we’re at it.

?We’re proud of our armed forces, and we’ll do anything we can to help.?

Socked also hoped the campaign might also help domestic harmony.

?Sock-tober isn’t just so men can look their best. We’re also doing this for long-suffering partners, wives, girlfriends and mums. They deserve better than living with a scruff.?


Gents (and gentlewomen, too) can join in with Sock-tober at