Jennifer Young – New Make up Range Launched


In the USA 50% of the population is expected to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives(1). In the UK, we are not far behind with one in three predicted to be diagnosed(2).

Many patients suffer a variety of skin disorders resulting from either radiation or chemotherapy treatments, which only add to the worry of this life-threatening condition. Visible signs include chapped lips, itchy dry, sore and sensitive skin, flaking palms and feet, and blotchiness or darkening of the skin around the joints or veins (3).  Hair loss is common but many do not realise that this means that eyebrows and eyelashes may also be lost. Research has found that many women are more concerned about the impact of treatment on their looks than they are about the treatment itself (4).

Following the success of the Defiant Beauty Skincare Collection (a natural and luxurious skincare range created specifically for cancer patients, developed by cancer patients, survivors and cancer care specialists) Defiant Beauty have developed a mineral make-up collection.


The Defiant Beauty Cosmetics were created in order to meet the needs of cancer patients. Women don’t stop being women when they get cancer, but they do fear not being able to recognise themselves and the impact that their physical changes can have on others.


The team at Defiant Beauty understand these concerns and the demands that will be made of a cosmetics range. The make-up is specifically for use during treatment and beyond, was formulated using natural mineral ingredients; it has high levels of pigmentation and staying power. 



Women do not want their ‘new’ eyebrows and lashes to disappear by the end of the day. The colours and textures in the collection have been chosen to add a healthy glow and up-lift and all products are suitable for the dry, sensitive ‘chemo-skin’ often experienced by cancer patients (3). Emphasis is placed on the eyes with effective eyeliners and wax/powder/stencil brush-a-brow kits to enhance eye brows and lashes.

Cancer strips back nearly every element of being a woman. Defiant Beauty empowers sufferers to feel beautiful again and face the world with their head held high.


Jennifer Young, the creator of Defiant Beauty and Editor of is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Biologist and a Micro-biologist. She is a qualified and practicing Nutritional Therapist, a qualified Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist and Product Formulator and has been active in medical research. Jennifer combines the knowledge from all of these areas and applies them to the Defiant Beauty Collections. The Defiant Beauty range uses minimal ingredients, is oil-based, fragrance-free, and also free from preservatives. The range includes:


  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Brush-a brow
  • Lip Stick
  • Blusher
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Colour Correctors
  • Bronzer



Hair care and tanning range are to be launched September 2013 


Price:  From £10