How to Make Friends & Network At Conferences (Without Freaking or Burning Yourself Out)

“But Denise – you’re so outgoing and confident!”

Introverts come in all sorts of flavours. Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shy, unconfident or that you hate people.

It simply means that you’re not particularly energized from being around others. It drains you or you have a limited battery life for it. In contrast, extroverts LOVE being around people, it makes them happy and GIVES them energy.

For me, that shows up as preferring quiet, small events to nightclubs, and having very strong boundaries around people and clients. I have a small group of friends and probably say NO to 99% of invitations. I LOVE working by myself at home. I am more than happy to spend Friday nights reading my books and I really dislike loud, crowded places.

So – you might be wondering, how do I handle having a public business life (with over 13,000 newsletter subscribers) with a need to be by myself? I also travel a LOT to conferences around the world, run events and speak all the time.

How do I handle it without burnout?

I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeves that I want to share, particularly for my fellow introverts. It really can be easy. 


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Denise Duffield-Thomas, Success Coach and Mentor

 Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach and motivational speaker who helps exceptional women create outrageous success. Her book “Lucky Bitch” is a practical and fun take on the law of attraction and what it really takes to manifest your wildest dreams. 


Now the CEO of, Denise runs mindset training programs for women, consults female entrepreneurs and travels the world speaking and attending conferences. 



Denise lives in sunny Newcastle, Australia with her husband Mark Duffield-Thomas.