Raw Cacao Bliss Bombs

 Well that’s all fine and dandy accept that this time I totally blew it and knocked my immune system out good and proper resulting in a nasty 48hour cold/flu thing. You see I am only human after all!


So I am falling back in love with my Paleo sweet treats for when my body is ready to indulge in safety once more. This little recipe is truly decadent in taste and super charged for the immune system too with the powerfully rich antioxidant cacao.




12 raw organic dates, flash boiled to minimise any mould residue

2 Tbsp raw organic cacao powder (additional powder for dusting)

2 Tbsp raw organic cacao butter

Thumb sized piece of fresh organic ginger (or more depending how

fiery you like it!)

Zest of 1 organic orange

1-2 Tbsp gelatin powder (hydrolysed) (optional)


1. Blitz all the ingredients together to form a thick paste.

2. Roll into bite sized balls of fun.

3. Roll in cacao powder, transfer to the fridge or an hour, then enjoy.


4. These can be stored in the freezer and removed as and when to avoid scoffing!