Ecotourism to Promote Organic Growth in Belgium’s Travel and Tourism Industry


According to new research from business intelligence firm Timetric, tourism accounted for 2.8% of the nation’s total investments in 2012. With one of the densest road and rail networks in Europe, Belgium now plans to develop more sustainable infrastructure to provide eco-friendly services to tourists. Solar panels installed on a portion of the Antwerp−Amsterdam high-speed rail line is one example of these efforts. To attract multinational companies and create job opportunities, the government provides an investment-friendly and supportive business environment for ecotourism and sustainability programs.


Back to nature

The Belgian government has also undertaken several initiatives to promote its countryside. For example, Viroinval National Park in southwest Belgium is one of the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN). The Viroinval Municipality has enacted a strategy to maintain the rural appearance of the villages in the park, while encouraging visitors to use footpaths in order to properly manage and protect the land. A fish-breeding management plan is also in place to safeguard against over-fishing.