Why I Was Denied Entry To Races – My Baby’s food was ‘too healthy’

By Amy Crumpler – Mother to Son Koby

It’s always hard maintaining a healthy diet when eating out and it’s even harder when you’re 14 months old and your Mum only lets you eat organic wholesome food! On a recent trip to Goodwood Racecourse I knew the food on offer would be restricted to fast food consisting of burgers and chips. I would never feed a baby anything like that so I made sure I put together a yummy picnic for him. Here’s what I made him:

● A buckwheat cracker and almond butter

My boy loves his nut butters. I’m very particular about the brands he eats and prefers brands such as Carley’s who guarantee the nuts are not only organic but also raw and soaked aiding much better digestion due the reduction of phytic acid. I also always use buckwheat or quinoa crackers over rice crackers. Babies and toddlers don’t produce enough salivary amylase until their molar teeth are fully through and this leads to digestion problems and increase risk of allergies in childhood and autoimmune disease later in life when eating grains such as uncultured rice.

● A Lacto fermented baked sweet potato

Add 4 tbs of liquid and a pinch of celtic salt to the baked potato and leave to ferment for 24 hours. Since I’m breastfeeding I used breast

milk as the liquid but you could easily use the juice from sauerkraut or whey from yogurt

● A paleo friendly bread roll

a simple and quick recipe. 1tbs of coconut oil (or butter if baby tolerates dairy) mixed with one pasture raised egg, 1tbs of coconut flour, 2tbs of flax meal and a pinch of aluminum free baking powder. Cook for 15 mins in a cup/ramekin


● An apple and pear pudding pudding

just apple and pear steamed and pureed with 1tbs of Clearsping’s Millet Amazake Sweet Grain Desert mixed in. Miss Eco Glam herself

recommended this amazing sweet tasting product to me which is made from millet and cultured rice making it easier for little tummies to digest.

● Blueberry and Banana oat cake

When my little one asks for ‘cake’ this is what he’s asking for. Simple mash one banana with a little cinnamon, 1/2 cup of oats (which have been soaked overnight to reduce the amount of phytic acid) and mix in some chopped blueberries. Bake for approx 15 mins in a small glass tray and allow to cool.

● Cucumber sticks

nature’s own cooling teething toy

● Grapes

cut in half to minimise any choking risk

I packed it all up in eco friendly containers with no yucky bpa and phthalates poisoned plastic in sight and was set to go.

Sadly one problem I didn’t foresee was Goodwood Racecourse refusing my baby entrance due to his food! Their argument of ‘that’s not baby food’ was semi correct – it was not commercial bought baby food which 4 out of 5 babies rely on in the UK.

Unlike the commercial baby food, my son’s food hadn’t been watered down and filled with thickening agents and starches to keep costs down. It certainly didn’t have sugar added to it or have excessively high sodium levels. My son’s food wasn’t full of trans fat and wasn’t contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides like studies have shown commerical baby food is.

So, the manager at Goodwood Races was correct my son’s food wasn’t baby food and I for one was proud of it. Despite it not being traditional baby food, it was very clearly made for a baby and certainly wouldn’t feed the party of four that the manager claimed it was really for.

I’m sure 4 grapes cut in half would do little to satisfy my husband’s appetite! Faced with a choice of feeding our son fast food and missing the races, we choose the latter.

I sincerely hope Goodwood Races are proud of themselves refusing entrance to a 14 month old baby.