Love or Diet Nurture yourself and release the need to be comforted by food

I LOVED this book and I am now and forever a fan of Ani’s. For years to come, I will delight in recommending Love or Diet to my readers and clients. Anyone who reads it will know how fortunate they are to have Ani as their guide. Mimi Shannon. Author of The ABCs of Self-Love.

Opening your heart to your wisest Self can change your relationship with food and lead to freedom from emotional eating.

Struggles with food and emotional eating are often a signal that something deeper is going on, a kind of soul-call. Love or Diet will help you to follow that soul-call safely and explore your eating patterns in a way that can lead to complete freedom and peacefulness with food.

…She has used her background working in nutrition and helping people with eating disorders as well as her own experience to create a supportive plan – and enjoyable read – to help readers remember how to love themselves and improve their body image and love lives. Eve Menezes Cunningham, psychology, health and wellbeing journalist

In Love or Diet, nutritionist and editor of, Ani Richardson, aims to change your relationship with food, but more importantly, change your relationship with your deepest Self, because when you are willing to courageously look at what you are attempting to stuff down with food, you can begin to heal and shine light on the perceived darkness in our lives, one delicious ray at a time.


Ani is a passionate and highly qualified nutritionist, holistic wellness promoter, meditation teacher and writer. She lives in Royston, UK.