Women Receiving Midwife-Led Care Having A Better Childbirth Experience

his study specifically focuses on midwife-led care and an emphasis on continuity of care (having the same midwife or a midwife known to them). This research shows that having the same midwife provides significant benefits for women who have a medium or low risk during their pregnancy.


Unfortunately, we know from surveys of maternity care,  and anecdotally from women, that many women sadly do not experience such basic care. In the recent NFWI and NCT survey, 60 per cent of women wanted more support with postnatal care immediately after giving birth, and 20 per cent of women did not see a midwife as often as they needed after giving birth. With the Care Quality Commission’s maternity services survey, only 57 per cent of women said they saw the same midwife “most” or “every” time for antenatal check-ups. At some point during labour, 12 per cent of women were left alone at a time when it worried them.”


As we try to ensure all women receive the highest-quality of maternity care, it is vital that we learn the lessons from this study and ensure that this research influences the shape and outcomes of service provision. The writing is on the wall: this research shows that midwife-led care is what mothers and babies need and deserve.” 

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