Your Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist: 5 Simple Steps


Sitting down to soak in the warm water, feeling the jet spray massage your back and holding a cool drink in your hand: Ask any hot tub owner, and they’ll tell you soaking in the hot tub is one of the most relaxing experiences. However, you need to put some elbow grease in, especially if you go long periods without using the tub. Maintain your hot tub with these five simple steps.   

1. Get a Spa Cover

A Really Good Spa Cover makes the difference between scooping out leaves, bugs and other waste every day, and folding up the cover and dipping your toes in. Spa covers are an absolute necessity for a hot tub owner, especially when you consider the days or even months when the tub isn’t being used. But even when you plan to use the hot tub in the morning and at night, the cover plays a vital role: trapping in the heat, meaning it’ll take less time to warm up for your second soak.

2. Sanitize Regularly

To keep your hot tub water lasting as long as possible, regularly sanitize it. Add bromine or granular chlorine to the water — follow the product’s instructions according to your tub’s size — and then check the chemical levels in the water at least twice a week with a test strip. Add more as necessary according to the test results. The chemicals will kill microbes and stop algae from forming.

3. Drain It Every Three Months

You don’t have to drain and refill your hot tub with every use. With regular sanitization, the water in your tub will last some time. However, you should completely drain the tub and refill it at least once every three months, if not more, regardless of how often you’ve used the tub in that time. When it’s drained, scrub the tub’s floor and sides.

4. Check the Filter Daily

The filter in your hot tub keeps debris from circulating in your water, but even simple skin oils or suntan lotion from your skin can form a film on the filter. Check the filter daily to make sure it’s clean and allowing water to flow. Use a hose to power-spray the filter at least once a month to entirely remove the debris and oils.

5. Watch for Water Lines

A rim of film forming along the water line on your hot tub’s sides may be a sign of too much calcium in your water. Too much calcium also contributes to buildup on the filter. Check your water’s calcium levels with a test kit and drain the water if it shows more than 200 mg/l.

Installing a hot tub in your yard is probably the culmination of one of your long-time dreams. Enjoy every second in your new hot tub by properly taking care of your investment. Following this simple maintenance checklist takes less effort than cleaning up a neglected hot tub and it keeps your tub ready for use at a moment’s notice. Relax, unwind and soak in your well-maintained hot tub.



About the Author: Robert Beltran is a hot tub owner and blogger. He recommends hot tub covers by Just Hot Tub for his fellow hot tub owners.