Arrival Of Our First Fair-Trade Silver Collection

La Jewellery is honoured to have been chosen by CRED JEWELLERY as the first company in the United Kingdom to receive Fairtrade Silver.

You may be wondering what is so special about this silver in particular…
Fairtrade Silver endures a journey; it shines a light on conscious business ethics and the joy of equality.  

The silver is mined in Sotrami, an artisanal mine situated in the Andes. The mine is 2,450m above sea level and 60 miles away from the nearest town. 

Being Fairtrade it is essential the miners are given a fair price for their produce. They also receive a 10% premium which goes straight to the community; helping to support primary schools with new computers, enabling improvements to the medical clinic, and the installation of an emergency dental facility.

From  raw Fairtrade Silver grain, with love, we have beautifully sculpted a Limited Edition Collection. That showcases organic forms inspired by land and sea…
 “The Demons of Change” collection, inspired by the very talented Ben Howard’s record ‘Keep your head up’, provokes personal thought on change; the fear of change, the want for change and the need for change. Just like each piece in this stunning collection it is unique to the individual. 

The collection includes a selection of both statement and delicate pieces. Prices range from £27 – £122. 

About us…
Many jewellery companies these days call themselves ‘bespoke’, producing beautiful work that is indeed to the customer’s specifications. At La Jewellery though, we like to think we take it a step further, to make bespoke mean ‘utterly unique’, ‘inspirational’ and most of all, ‘magical’. 

Lisa Anne and the team within the company believe very firmly too in the tangible value of life and lessening our impact on the environment in which we live whilst being mindful of equality and a fair way of life. 

Lisa Anne has been designing and creating jewellery for 23 years, she loves what she does and in every piece she creates, she hopes to pass a little of that love onto you, the traveller who has found their way here.

Visit our website to view more images of our collection.