Letting Life be Simple: A Simple Understanding of how Simple Life can be!

“When the answers are complicated, it’s the Intellect. When the answers are simple, it’s the Spirit.” Sydney Banks, Enlightened Gardener Revisited

The 3 Principles of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought explain that our reality is a thought created experience. All life on Earth is powered by the intelligence of Universal Mind. Universal Consciousness is the sensory awareness of living beings. Universal Thought is a gift we have been given to experience our lives.

Like every cell on Earth, we have an innate health and innate wisdom within us designed to guide us through every circumstance and situation. We just need to take the simple approach to living that we are designed to.

Every thought we have creates a feeling. Because we are thinking beings, we have an unlimited capacity for thinking and our thinking can take us into a low mood or a high mood. We have thoughts about ourselves, about other people, about other people’s actions, about our jobs and our partners and our families and our pasts – the list goes on – and every one of these thoughts creates a feeling within us that we might wrongly associate with the thing we are thinking about.

Often, when we have a sad or unhappy or stressed feeling, we begin to analyse the thing we are thinking about in that moment. This then creates similar thoughts which create more unhappy feelings and we become convinced that the thing we are thinking of has the power to make us feel terrible.

But it is all just thought.

Children swing from high mood to low mood to high mood several times every hour of the day. They do not take their thinking too seriously which allows them to come up from their low moods quickly. Rather than engaging with their low moods, they allow their thinking to flow and their moods to pass.

Every new thought brings a new feeling with it. When we accept that all thinking is natural and that thoughts go up and down and take our feelings with them, we are in a position to let our thoughts flow and we are able to come up from our low thoughts as quickly as we felt them. It is in this space of flowing that our health and wisdom can shine through.

Our thoughts are so very powerful that they seem entirely real at the moment we are caught up with them. But understanding that they are just constructions allows us to pay them less attention. When we feel ourselves dropping into that space of unhappiness, we can start to be aware that our thinking is causing those feelings and rather than going down with them, we can let them pass.

Being comfortable with our thinking becomes easier and easier once we begin to understand the nature of thought. And once we are comfortable with the fact that we think and the fact that we cannot control our thoughts, we attach less significance to the ones that make us uncomfortable and we let them pass with little worry or stress about what they mean, why we are thinking them and whether we need to pay them attention.

We can use our feelings as a barometer to measure the quality of our thinking. The simplest way to bypass the intellect and listen to the spirit is to wait for a good feeling. When we are struggling with something, it is only when we let go that we create the space to access our innate health and wisdom. When we are in a space of high quality thinking, we feel in good health and it is from this space that decisions are to be made.


When we are suffering, our thoughts are not to be listened to and we can let them pass, safe in the knowledge that new thought will come along that will bring new feeling. If we listen for the feeling of health, we can be sure to default to our natural state of wisdom and trust that we are OK and whole and able to navigate life as we are designed to.



Lucy Hilides is a 3 Principles practitioner based in London. She is passionate about healthy living and nutrition and believes we have everything we need within to guide us on our happy and healthy journeys. Sharing the 3 Principles is her life work because she believes that innate health is available to all of us, all of the time and that when we allow our thoughts to quieten down, we are able to reconnect. If you have questions about how Lucy can help you reconnect with your innate health, visit her website www.innate-health.co.uk and follow her on twitter @innatehealthUK