These are easy, fast and super scrumptious

I thought I’d give you a little break this week with a very simple truffle recipe. In fact, it’s about as simple as my recipes get, so savour this moment.


The main point of scrumptiousness in this recipe, and what sets it apart from the rest, is the addition of raw whey powder. I don’t generally use dairy products, but, as a chocolate alchemist, I felt the overwhelming desire to use whey in chocolate and it was pretty awesome.


In these truffles, it gives a milky, creamy property that you just don’t get from using nuts. You’ll see in the recipe that you can substitute the whey for Sun Warrior (or similar) protein powder, but I can tell you now, it’s not the same.


Now that you are well on your way to being a professional chocolate maker, you might get the urge to dip these little monkeys in tempered chocolate and, to that, I say OH YEAH!


Let’s cover a few points on dipping/enrobing

1- This takes a lot of patience at first until you get to know the behaviour of chocolate and how it reacts to different temperatures and such things


2- Your truffle should be at room temperature when you enrobe it; if the truffle is cold when you dip it, it will push through the surface of the chocolate shell


3- They may not come out perfect the first time, but it’s all about having fun and being creative, so who cares?!!?


4 – It’s all about the thickness of the chocolate…


When using chocolate to enrobe, you want the temperature at about 26c/78.8f, (for dark chocolate) but more important than temperature is consistency; the chocolate should be thick enough to give a nice thick coating on the first dip.


If it’s not thick enough, you will know once you dip the first truffle. This is not a problem, just allow that first truffle to set and re-dip it. Before continuing, whisk the chocolate until it comes to a thicker consistency. Remember, this takes patience.



After you have dipped the truffle, place it on a sheet of greaseproof paper or a texflex lined dehydrator tray, spirnkle with some chopped nuts and pop in the fridge to set.

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