Eden Project forms new partnership with Planet First to launch ‘The Planet Mark’

London 30 July: Planet First, a leading London-based sustainability consultancy, and the Eden Project, the UK’s foremost environmental brand and centre for sustainability education, have joined in a unique business partnership. Together they provide The Planet Mark, a new certification that is helping organisations of all sizes improve their sustainability performance.

The Planet Mark will bring sustainability into the centre of organisations, helping each one to reduce energy costs, engage employees and win business.


Sir Tim Smit KBE, co-founder of Eden Project says:

“Sustainability solutions may be science based, but true success is about building a business culture where whole organisations say “… Why wouldn’t you?” A company or organisation committed to being the best it can be will always improve on its bottom line.”


Organisations which achieve the Planet Mark are committing to improve their environmental, social and related economic performance on an annual basis. Each organisation that signs up automatically supports the work of the Eden Project with 10% of fees going to the Eden Trust for sustainability education projects. In return, businesses receive the Eden Project branded Planet Mark to add to their marketing communications.

Planet First delivers the Planet Mark certification with ongoing support for each client, to help measure and monitor their performance and encourage employees, customers and stakeholders into sustainable action.

Nearly 100 organisations have already signed up. To find out more about signing up, you can visit: www.planetfirst.co.uk


Steve Malkin, CEO and Founder of Planet First said:

“The Planet Mark is more than a certification, it’s a programme which embeds sustainability into organisations. It is designed to be delivered by employees on behalf of their business to reduce costs, energy, carbon, water and waste.”


A launch event is scheduled for 24th September when further announcements about the new partnership will be made.


The Planet Mark

The Planet Mark is a trusted international mark of sustainability for businesses, property developments and products, helping organisations to improve their environmental, economic and social performance.

Wherever you see The Planet Mark you can be assured of:

  • Positive action to improve environmental, social and economic performance
  • Integrated sustainability reporting in line with current legislation and protocols
  • Engagement with employees, stakeholders, local and global community
    Working together we help to drive business growth, build engagement with employees and stakeholders and create positive environmental and social change.
    The Planet Mark certification for businesses includes a suite of tools to support and communicate their sustainability programme. These include:
  • Access to an online platform to measure and report on the organisation’s carbon footprint and social performance
  • Detailed improvement plan and staff engagement options
  • An investment into the Eden Project
  • Comprehensive marketing and communications package.
    Sustainability consulting:
    Planet First offers a range of consulting services that focus on improving the sustainability performance of organisations. Planet First specialises in the following areas:
  • Sustainability communications strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • Mandatory Carbon Reporting
  • Third party verification
  • Supply chain engagement