Adults don’t have to be boring!

When we’re young, we’re told to enjoy it because one day we have to be responsible grown-ups. We have to get a job and a house and a pet and act our age around them– but where’s the fun in that?


Is it your birthday tonight? You could go to a fancy restaurant any time – tonight you’re going to Frankie and Benny’s! You’re going to get a huge pizza and the ice-cream sundae with sparklers and tell them it’s your birthday so they sing you a song. And make sure you get some crayons and something to colour while you’re waiting for your mountain of food; just ensure you tip the waiters and waitresses who indulge your adolescent fun.


Ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed because you don’t know something, or because it seems like a stupid question; you’ll never know unless you ask! Children ask questions all the time and are constantly re-evaluating and questioning the way the world works, but at some point we all forget to keep trying to learn about everything so much. Be more humble. Go for a walk to somewhere with trees and flowers and spend some time enjoying nature –  take joy in the world around you. That’s what children do.


Fill your house with fun things. Dig out your old Batman figurines and hang them from the ceiling like they’re flying around, or buy a big soft bed from Bedstar and hang netting around it so you feel like a princess (or even just jump on it!). Get your comics out of storage to leaf through, play board games when friends come over and every now and then have an old-fashioned pyjama party with popcorn and scary films. Rock, paper, scissors is a legitimate way to decide who’s doing the washing up, no matter what anyone says.


You don’t have to spend money being an adult though – there are so many ways to inject a little bit of childish enthusiasm into your life. Skipping home from work is a great one and don’t be embarrassed when people stare, they’ve just forgotten that fun can be more important than appearances! Make a daisy chain in a beer garden and stop worrying about how you have to look and act. There are times to be serious – job interviews, meeting your partner’s parents, pet funerals – but life is full of wonderful little moments just waiting to be caught.



Quite possibly the most important thing to do is to smile! Smiling is infectious and once you’ve gotten going, there’s no stopping you. Stop keeping your eyes on the ground and look up at the world around you; smell some flowers and put off housework for the rest of the day. Go on, you deserve it.