Homeopathy Awareness Week!

Here is our Top 10 homeopathic holiday health selection if you are thinking of putting together your own kit:


Aconite            for fear of flying or travel; also useful to nip the first signs of a cold in the bud

Apis mel           for insect bites and stings, hives or burning, stinging pains and swelling

Argent nit         for butterflies in the stomach or restlessness prior to travelling

Arnica              for minor injury, aches and pains, sprains and bruises, and fatigue from air travel

Arsen alb          for travellers’ tummy problems

Belladonna        in case of a temperature, or too much sunshine

Chamomilla      for soothing colicky pain or fractiousness, especially in infants, or teething

Hypericum       for painful cuts or blows to fingers or toes, nerve pain, or horsefly bites

Nat mur           for sinus troubles, sneezy cold, runny nose; cold sores; sunlight-induced headache

Nux vom         for nausea and wind, especially after too much rich (or unusual) food and drink


For anyone going on an active holiday, maybe watersports or hiking, don’t forget to pack Weleda’s new homeopathic Muscular Pain Relief spray (£9.95 20ml). This convenient little oral spray is easily zipped into your back pack in case aching muscles start to complain later in the day. This handy spray delivers arnica’s naturalbenefits together with 6X potencies of soothing ruta grav and rhus tox – which are used within homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of muscular strain associated with aches and pains. Suitable for children over 12, it’s easy to take – just one or two squirts with the metered spray, straight onto or under the tongue – and has very little taste.


You won’t want to be black and blue on the beach ruining your healthy summer glow, so don’t forget Weleda’s handy Bumps & Bruises Skin Salve (£6.50 25g) for any knocks or sprains that occur shooting down the giant water slide at the pool, or bumping around on a giant doughnut ring behind a motorboat. We tend to shrug off bruises as minor injuries, but they can be extremely painful, creating sensitivity and discolouration for weeks. And they are far from glamorous.


Immediate application of Weleda’s salve will help prevent the development of bruising. Manufactured here in Britain, it’s made with organic arnica tincture from fresh whole plants grown biodynamically in the Scottish Black Isle, where the extreme cold and intensity of light are ideal for this plant. The natural base contains the finest lanolin, sunflower oil, olive oil and unbleached beeswax, so this salve absorbs more slowly than a water-based cream, to allow for gentle massaging. But the top quality ingredients can be absorbed by the skin and won’t leave a sticky, greasy residue which can be a problem with paraffin-base ointments.


Weleda has been producing natural medicines since 1921 and began manufacturing in this country when importing from Weleda’s head quarters in Switzerland became impossible during wartime. Today Weleda’s range of homeopathic medicines continues to be manufactured in the UK, with plant ingredients grown at their 15 acre Demeter-standard organic herb gardens at Shipley. The biodynamically-grown plants are harvested at their freshest, and the tinctures are made just a mile or two down the road at Weleda’s pharmaceutical manufacturing site.


Plants harvested at Weleda’s Derbyshire herb gardens include the vivid blue stems of Aconitum napellus (Monkshood) which enjoys a shady woodland setting in Weleda’s gardens, or the cheery yellow flowering shrub Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort), the infamous Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) with its instantly recognizable black berries, the vine-like Bryonia dioica (White Bryonia), the pretty Chamomilla recucita (chamomile) plant, the low-growing shrub Rhus toxicodendrum (Poison Oak), the strong-smelling Ruta Graveolens (Rue), or the green feathery leaf tips of Thuja occidentalis (White Cedar or Tree of Life). Weleda’s arnica is grown up in Scotland (this plant is not keen on the Derbyshire soil or weather!) but the tincture is made by Weleda at their Derbyshire manufacturing site.


All other ingredients are either grown at Weleda’s medicinal gardens in Switzerland, or sourced from Weleda’s sustainable sourcing division which scours the globe for the purest, most ethically produced minerals and fair trade raw materials available.


Uniquely, the company is responsible for the entire journey from plant to product. The team of dedicated gardeners works with great care to clean the roots, peel the bark and hand-select the best blossoms and leaves. Chopping or pressing the fresh plants releases their active ingredients whilst they are most potent and aromatic. The plant material is then combined with a solution such as organic alcohol or spring water to create an organic extract called a tincture. The remedies are potentised authentically by hand, by skilled pharmacy technicians. The liquid potency is then used to coat the tiny lactose/sucrose tablets which are packaged in traditional glass bottles under licence by the MHRA.


The HR licences are full European licenses conforming to the highest regulatory requirements and incorporating all the latest in pharmaceutical packaging – accessibility for the blind with Braille on the pack, child resistant caps, tamper evidence and patient information leaflets. The licenses are backed by stringent quality control requirements and full supply chain visibility for every active ingredient back to the original plant source. The Weleda OTC range includes the following 30C remedies (all rrp £6.75 for 125 tablets):



Apis mel. Argent nit. Arnica

Arsen alb.



Calc. carb.

Calc. fluor.


Carbo veg.






Hepar sulph.



Kali phos.


Nat mur.

Nux vom.



Rhus tox.

Ruta grav.





For specific enquiries or advice about what to pack in your holiday health kit, speak to a Weleda pharmacist on 0115 944 8200. A selection of additional homeopathic remedies in other potencies or other forms is available by Special Order from the Weleda Pharmacy.


The Weleda over-the-counter range is available from natural health stores and independent pharmacies (call 0115 944 8222 for stockist details) or from the online store at www.weleda.co.uk


For chronic conditions that persist, Weleda recommends seeking the advice of a homeopath. To find a registered homeopath near you, contact the Society of Homeopaths or the Faculty of Homeopathy.


Always read the leaflet or label.