Biggest Baby Boom Since World War Two – The Grey Effect!

The recessions around the world and tough economic climates mean that when resources are stretched the fun starts at home and the baby boom is now predicted in 2013.  The biggest influence in the western world would have to be 50 Shades of Grey.

The novel got many women from all walks of life hot and sweaty under the collar and now we are seeing the results everywhere we look baby bumps are swelling.  The celebrities are all popping out too from Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Kardashian to Fifi Box.

With program’s being aired on the TV such as Call the midwife, The midwives (A documentary on ABC following UK midwives) and One born every minute our interest in pregnancy, birth and newborns has never been higher.  

The textile industry may be in decline within Australia but one designer is waiting in the wings ready to catch these newborns  at birth.

Carolyn Chambers the designer behind Fourzero is waiting on the sidelines to make sure that these babies are dressed and swathed in Australian made garments.   “Being Australian made means that our baby boomers are certainly dressed in the safest and most beautiful clothing to keep them settled and comfortable”

As a neonatal nurse for over a decade in Europe Carolyn Chambers understands the needs of our population boom and the response to the newest baby wear boutique in the market is nothing but full of praise.  

“We manufacture ethically made clothing for newborn babies from birth to ten weeks and our accessories aree becoming treasured family items until toddler hood. Originally a neonatal intensive care nurse for over a decade I have embedded my knowledge and skills into each piece to help enable the baby to stay comfortable and settled in the early weeks of life. Our range is eco and sustainable friendly to the environment because we manufacture all our garments from Organic cotton and bamboo.”

Fourzero has also been recognised by the Ethical Fashion Forum in London as being an innovative brand and awarded as a fellowship 500 member where 500 of the leading brands in the world are helping to sculpt a better future in our textile world.