Boundaries from inner strength & strength from healthy boundaries!

Both things I’ve been working on for some time, so of course I attract lovely people into my practice who would like help with these things. People who are sensitive to others energies or generally to energies around them, people who are easily led, who do so much for others but what about themselves… 

So what do I mean by boundaries?… I mean both emotional and energetic boundaries. When we have good boundaries, we’re not as effected by the energies and actions of others, our energy doesn’t leak, and we feel good.

If we’ve had shocks, invasions, injuries of the physical or emotional kind, if we haven’t healed emotions of the past, if we still hold onto the energy of someone from the past, if we have had too much responsibility as a child, taken drugs (prescription and recreational), we will most likely have holes in our aura or energetic field. And those holes let the energy of others in, which is no fun. So we walk through a crowded place and feel everyone’s stuff, we hang out with a friend who is a ‘taker’ and feel drained, we feel exhausted all of the time and might just want to cocoon ourselves from the world.

On the emotional level, we might not have been taught good boundaries as a child, maybe our parents didn’t have good boundaries, we might have been abused, told we weren’t good enough and spent our lives seeking love and approval, then our emotional boundaries are typically pretty freyed, we say yes when we might be best saying no, we accept second best. We might become a crowd pleasing doormat!

And what do I mean by strength?… now days I mean deep internal strength. The type of strength that glows from within. A strong and flexible spine both physically and energetically, balanced and complete chakras, a great connection to the earth and to our higher self. Strength that results in us knowing what we are to do, knowing what to accept and reject. Strength physically, emotionally and energetically, core strength some might call it.

Our inner strength is often weak from poor nourishment or invasions in pregnancy, poor nutrition or a lack of nurturing in the early years, emotional and physical shocks or trauma and of course poor nourishment in adult years… plus all of the stuff outlined above.

I realised years ago that the old tricks of surrounding myself with light, a protective shield etc, are great but for me, the act of putting those shields up were increasing my anxiety, like hiding from something that I thought was going to get me, the hiding made it worse! I became more anxious and more susceptible, exhausting!

Healthy boundaries actually come from true inner strength, from inner light and from being whole. The more we heal and strengthen, the more we automatically have better boundaries, energetically and emotionally.

As I’ve strengthened from within, healed the stuff of the past, gotten to know myself better, fostered a better connection to the earth and to my higher self, I’ve felt soooo much better, more confident, more whole, I’ve automatically treated myself better. And of course have set better boundaries, then as we set better boundaries (taking a stand for what’s right for us), then automatically we strengthen… and the lovely cycle goes on.

How did I do it? From nourishing myself, from healing stuff from way back, stuff from childhood, past lives, ancestral stuff, by meditating each day, by practicing Magnified Healing® each day, bit by bit, it just happened. I’m still a sensitive soul and wouldn’t change that for the world, but I’m a much stronger sensitive soul!

So if you feel open, exposed, weak, physically brittle, anxious, frightened, if you spend your life trying to please others but not loving yourself, get cracking and start healing  . It’s amazing to feel strong, to have the confidence to say no when appropriate, and of course to ask for what you need. And it’s well worth the journey of healing that takes us to that point.

And as always if you need help with any of that, you know where to find me  .

Happy healing and strengthening!