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and Thrive on Whole Foods and a Natural Lifestyle

**This course starts on January 27th, 2013**


From the Desk of Tera Warner
Montreal, QC

Dear Health-Seeking Heroine,

Remember those episodes of Little House on the Prairie? The efficient use of space, the warm, family meals by the fire. The sense of responsability and connection that everyone felt to each other, to the land, to making life all go right. 

While we don’t need to go back to candle light and peeing in a pot under the bed, but we have come a loooong way from healthy, sustainable living and it’s starting to hurt our families, our health and our environment. 

We’ve gone beyond the idea that there is “one right way to eat”. Some people thrive on plant foods, but others do not. 
We’ve gone beyond trying to figure out “what” to eat. The truth is simple. The closer you get to Nature, and the closer that Nature is to you, the better it is foryou, your health  and the environment.  

As a single mom of two kids, driving in and out of the city to grab my packaged salad ingredients from California, my fruit from Mexica, my goji berries and chia seeds from China just doesn’t work anymore. I’m sitting in the middle of the Laurentian forest surrounded by fresh food and medicine I cannot use because I do not recognize it, don’t understand how to find it, gather it, prepare it and store it for the cold season.

I want to feel empowered, equipped to thrive and I want to be in a harmonious relationship with my food, my environment and my health. That’s why I called up my dear friend, Frank Giglio (someone whose passion and commitment to ethical and environmental and sustainable living for his family is something I admire tremendously) and I asked him if he would be willing to teach us a few things or two, and here’s what we’ve put together: 

The Women’s Wellness University proudly presents… 

The Modern Woman’s Guide to Healthy Homesteading: 
A 32-Week Program to Help You Master The World’s Most Affordable, Healthy & Sustainable Diet & Lifestyle

(The Diet & Lifestyle that Gets You In Communication with Your Body, 
Your Environment and The Food and Tools You Need to Thrive)

This program is gonna knock polyester socks off everywhere!

Meet Your Course Teachers:

Frank Giglio, Healthy Homesteader and Passionate Chef

healthy homesteader course with frank giglio

Frank Giglio wears many hats. At age 15, he fell in love with the fascinating world of food. Eager and intrigued, he began apprenticing directly under some of the top chefs in the US, which instilled a deep understanding of the creative process in working with food, and infused in him the importance of fine arts mastery, since tastes and flavors create an artistic passion for creating delicious and nourishing cuisine. He became a classically trained chef at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT, and a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

While Giglio’s culinary offerings are based in classic technique and traditional foods preparation, he has also been immersed in using food as medicine. Wearing his chef’s hat, he focuses on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season, supporting the crucial farm to table method of preparing food. He remains deeply connected to the earth in his daily life, merging herbalism and living food nutrition with wild food foraging. Frank creates innovative dishes that are wholesome, full of vitality and have a very small ecological footprint. He is blessed to share this passion with his clients and also with his wife and their young son.

Having just moved to an off-the-grid homestead in rural Maine, Giglio enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, which he believes directly influences his time in the kitchen. He competes in endurance events through the mountains, prowls the woods for wild edibles, seeks out and collects spring water, seamlessly blending his love of nature with his love for food and authentic nourishment.

Tera Warner, Health-Seeking Heroine and Homesteading Wannabe

teraTera Warner is a monkey-loving mama of two, and when she’s not thinkin up the next great revolution in health for women, she’s chatting on the phone with some of the coolest people this planet has got, and keeps busy bringing their wisdom to the world around her.

She’s not got any fancy pants credentials and no acronyms after her name. She’s just a feisty woman like you who is committed to learning everything she can to support her family, her loved ones and improving the condition of life on this gorgeous spinning blue ball of love in the universe!

She believes great health and well-being is possible in any economy and that’s why she’s started the Women’s Wellness University to engage women around the world in essential, affordable education they can USE!

Camille Giglio, Homesteading Mama and Rewilding Woman

teraFormerly known as “Super Goji Girl” Camille Giglio has always worked side by side with some of the world’s leading experts in health, wellness and nutrition. Now, as a busy and passionate mom and wife, she’s learning all about how to get back to Nature and live a sustainable homesteader’s life.

Camille Giglio is another health-seeking heroine whose passion for getting back to the sacred simplicity of Nature influences how she lives every day of her life. As a young mom to Wilder Sage, she is a fountain of wisdom about healthy parenting, housekeeping, natural beauty and more. 

She will be a guest contributor during this program. As the wife and life partner of Chef Frankie G, she’ll have the other side of the story and plenty of homesteading wisdom and inspiration to share! 

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Course:

The information you’ll be receiving in this program will be delivered in a series of weekly lessons with accompanying activities. lessons and action steps.

You will also receive several emails per week guiding you through the materials, providing additional articles, resources and recommended reading. Your job, is to apply it. At the end of every series of 4 lessons, there will be a live Q&A Call. This is a long course, but delivered in manageable bits and with consistent and ongoing support it is just the course you need to learn the ropes, get practice at a few healthy lifestyle habits and finally live the sustainable, ethical, healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Basics of Healthy Homesteader’s Kitchen

Lesson 1: Cookware & Equipment

healthy homesteader course frank giglio

Learn the essential equipment you’ll need in your healthy homesteader’s kitchen. We’re going to free you from carcinogenic teflon and get you fixed up with some good ol’ fashion food ware! Many things you need you’ll be able to get in second hand stores! Making sure you have the right equipment is VITAL to making great food and feeling confident in the kitchen!

Lesson 2: Knife Techniques and Healthy Kitchen Habits 

Learn a few clever chef techniques that are sure to give you more confidence and save you loads of time in the kitchen. Understand which knives to use for what purpose and the best ways to keep them sharp and at your service. We’ll aslo do our best to steal a few decorative tips and idea from Chef Frankie G. that help make your food presentation a notch or two above the rest!

healthy homesteader course with frank giglioLesson 3: Organization & Storing Foods and What to Keep in the Pantry (Staples)

How you store your food has a HUGE effect on its nutritional value. Learn what staples to keep on hand and how best to store them to get the most nutritional value possible. 

Lesson 4: Food Combining and Menu Planning for a Family

So now that you’ve got a few tips and tricks for your Healthy Homesteader’s kitchen, how do you put it all together and organize easy, quick and HEALTHY meals for the whole family. As a professionally trained chef and adoring father and husband, Frank knows what it takes to keep the family smiling and also serve up huge dinners to armies of hungry eaters. In this lesson we’ll learn some very helpful menu planning and food combining basics that will help you prepare for meals from the biggest family feasts to the smallest intimate dining experiences feeling delighted with what you bring to the table and knowing you’ve saved time and money doing it!


Final Q&A Call for This Module:

At the end of this module, you’ll get the chance to attend our live call where you’ll be able to ask Frank any of your questions about this section and learn additional information, tips and tricks that Frank will share during this call! All calls will be recorded. If you are unable to attend you will still have the chance to send your questions in ahead of time as well as access the recording once the call has ended.


Preparing The Fabulous Foods That Fuel You

healthy homesteader with frank giglioLesson 5: Why Spices Are Nice And How to Use Them

Nobody does spice like Frankie G. As an expert in combining flavors and spices to make food taste amazing, Frank will introduce you to some of his award-winning combinations and secret herb recipes. Learn what combinations will WOW your guests and also help you balance your food and flavors with the seasons. A little bit of spice can go a long way and in this module you’ll learn to feel confident combining flavors with foods and get acquainted with the sassy spices you may never have tried before!

Lesson 6: Soaking Grains, Beans, Nuts & Seeds for Optimum Nutritional & Digestion.

Knowing how to properly prepare your grains and nuts and seeds can make all the difference to your digestion and overall health. In this lesson we’ll talk about soaking and preparation methods as well as some ideas about how to ferment grains for enhanced probiotic benefit. Grains, beans, nuts and seeds can be a healthy part of a diet, or if prepared incorrectly, can actually be a source of significant health complications. In this lesson you’ll learn which grains are best and how to prepare them and include them in recipes the whole family will love!

Lesson 7: Safe & Sustainable Non-Vegetarian Food Practiceshealthy homesteader with Frank Giglio

The plant-based path isn’t right for everyone and especially in families where some eat meat and some don’t the task of finding healthy meals the whole family will love is tricky. Animal products can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle and in this lesson we’re committed to discussing the ethical, environmental and healthiest ways to prepare and procure animal products. 

Lesson 8: Drying Setting Up a Drying Station and Preparing for the Arrival of Spring!!

This will be one of the most helpful modules of the entire program. By learning how to set up your drying station, you’ll be ready for the season of plenty so you can actually prepare your foods and medicine for the cold season. Harvesting during the abundance of spring and summer is a great way to save money all year round on your food and prevent the need for medicine in the first place by having loads of edible and medicinal plants on hand. 

Final Q&A Call for This Module:

At the end of this module, you’ll get the chance to attend our live call where you’ll be able to ask Frank any of your questions about this section and learn additional information, tips and tricks that Frank will share during this call! All calls will be recorded. If you are unable to attend you will still have the chance to send your questions in ahead of time as well as access the recording once the call has ended.


Wild Edible & Medicinal Foods

healthy homesteader with frank giglioLesson 9: Gathering and Foraging for Wild Edibles (The Frankie G Way!)

Learn how to find some of the tastiest and most nutritional foods in your very own local forest or backyard. This program has very different content from our Wild Edible program in that Frank is a cooked food chef and so accesses a wealth of wild edibles and medicial mushrooms and food preparations for all of the above that we didn’t cover in our raw food-based wild edible program. You’ll learn how to identify some of Frank’s favorite wild edible and medicinal foods and use them in fresh and dried.

Lesson 10: Wild Food Preparation Tips & Suggestions 

Now that you’ve learned Frank’s favorite wild edibles, it’s time to explore some of the many ways you can prepare them. In this section Frank will include some of his FAVORITE wild edible recipes and give you some general guidelines that will help you know how to use many wild foods in your everyday meals.

Lesson 11: Drying herbs for storage.

Now that you’ve learned how to set up your drying station from the previous series of lessons you’ll now learn which wildly available wild foods are best for drying and storing and what to do with them. Camille Giglio is a fabulous whipper upper of medicinal and edible dried foods and she’ll be contributing loads of ideas and suggestions for healthy herbal goodness the whole family would love.

Lesson 12: Wild Medicinal Plants for Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

A healthy homesteader doesn’t just eat well, they live well. Learning how to use the tools and treasures of your local environment to feed yourself and heal yourself is one of the most empowering things you’ll ever learn. In this section we’ll cover some botanical preventative medicine, tips and recipes for natural remedies you can keep on hand throughout the year. You’ll be able to nip colds and flus in the bud with these natural remedies ready in your closet when sniffles strike!

Final Q&A Call for This Module:

At the end of this module, you’ll get the chance to attend our live call where you’ll be able to ask Frank any of your questions about this section and learn additional information, tips and tricks that Frank will share during this call! All calls will be recorded. If you are unable to attend you will still have the chance to send your questions in ahead of time as well as access the recording once the call has ended.


Keep It Practical! 

At Women’s Wellness University we know it’s not what you know but how you live it that’s important. Every single lesson will be accompanied by practical exercises and suggested activities to help you make the most of this wisom by applying it to your daily life. We suggest you proceed at your pace ensuring to get the most out of this course by taking the time to apply the information.

While this is a 30-week program, you may end up taking a year or more to really apply the information and make it a part of your active, healthy lifestyle! We’ll do our best to incorporate sufficient activities and exercises to keep you engaged and inspired as you progress through this program!

healthy homesteader course with Frank GiglioLesson 13: Make Your Own “Super Green” Powders 

You don’t need to ship in algae from isolated lakes, or ship goji berries over from China. The most potent and delicious superfoods are growing in your backyard. In this lesson we’ll learn some fantastic, budget-friendly tricks and tips to help you make fantastic green powders to last you all year long! You will be able to get your greens and feel healthy and energized even in the snowiest, coldest winter conditions! 

Lesson 14: Fermenting Foods: Immunity Boosters and Year-Long Veggie Supplies!

One of the most health-boosting, bowel-loving healthy practices you can do is to ferment a few of your favorite foods. This part of the program will help you get familiar with the best ways to produce fermented vegetables and also tell you why these foods are so beneficial to your well-being. It’s not just about anti-biotics, but k2 which is vital to your health and well-being and powerfully instrumental in preventing chronic illness, like heart disease, cancer, etc! You’ll also learn how to make the most of summer veggies 

Lesson 15: Herbal Vinegars & Oilshealthy homesteader course with Frank Giglio

This is an exciting lesson about fantastic ways to boost your love affair with fresh herbs and improve the nutritional and flavor factor of your favorite foods. We’ll benefit from Frank’s professional cheffing wisdom, tricks and trips and learn how to make different kinds of herbal infused vinegars and oils and some of the best ways to use them in delicious meals your whole family will love!

Lesson 16: Medicinal Teas and Tincturing Wild Foods

We will take our conversation of wild edible and medicinal plants further than the dinner table by diving into a discussion of how some of Frank’s favorite wild foods can be used in teas and tinctures. Theses homesteader recipes will be the key to staying healthy in the winter, and making the most of the season of plenty. Learn how different mediums to store your wild, medicinal and edible foods will help you enjoy them all year long! This is an exciting lesson guaranteed to get you looking forward to the cold season!

Final Q&A Call for This Module:

At the end of this module, you’ll get the chance to attend our live call where you’ll be able to ask Frank any of your questions about this section and learn additional information, tips and tricks that Frank will share during this call! All calls will be recorded. If you are unable to attend you will still have the chance to send your questions in ahead of time as well as access the recording once the call has ended.

Lifestyle Habits for the Healthy Homesteader

healthy homesteader course with Frank GiglioLesson 17: How to Get Your Natural Beauty Glow

Learn from Camille Giglio some of her favorite at home pampering tips and tricks for staying gorgeous and looking younger as age gracefully. Using some of her favorite plants and herbs and other easy-to-find ingredients, she’ll share with us great ideas about how you can not only save a fortune on toxic and harmful conventional cosmetics, you’ll also be able to maximize your natural glow factor, boost your immunity and improve the health and quality of your skin!

Lesson 18: Healthy Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks 

A healthy homesteader has no need or interest in conventional cleaning products and knows that these will be a source of toxicity and harmful chemicals. Getting these out of the house is one step, but learning effective, natural replacements that will banish stains, clean sinks, toilets and make your house smell fabulous and fresh is a whole other story. Learn how you can spend pennies and use plants to make your home a healthy oasis and an aromatic and inviting nest for you and your loved ones.

Lesson 19: Exercise, Sleep & Sun Habitshealthy homesteader with Frank Giglio

As you might image, a healthy homesteader doesn’t race to the gym to pump iron, and tries to avoid staying up until the wee hours of the morning hunched over the computer. Learn the healthy lifestyle habits that Frank and his family have put in place to help them feel fabulous and stay energized and in tune with their bodies, their environment and well-being. Healthy living is about a lot more than just food, and this lesson will help you make sure you’re keeping all things in balance, getting the exercise, sleep and sun time you need (no matter where you live) to feel healthy and strong all year long.

Lesson 20: Community Building, Trade and Making Connections

We’re saving the best for last! Learn how Frank and his family access the food, resources, opportunities and situations they need and want by building connections and creating a community. Whether you’re making friends with local farmers, gardeners, or neighbors, your community connections and relationships may very well be the most valuable thing you get from this course. We’ll share with you some of the ways that we use connection and trade and have made amazing things happen this way! 


Final Q & A Call for This Module:

At the end of these four lessons we’ll have a Q&A call where you’ll get the chance to ask Frank any other questions you may have about these areas and also get the chance to ask any final questions for this program!

This is NOT your average “university” course!!

It’s not just what you know…

Most people are suffering from an excess of information. They’re addicted to the next e-book and looking for a quick fix solution, but they load themselves up with information they do not use.

How much of the information you have are you actually using?

Our Women’s Wellness University courses are different because you can

  • learn, in the comfort of your own home, the backbone of life–the nitty gritty information you really need to know to feel empowered about your health and your family’s health!
  • be sure you are only passed the nuggets you need to know–all of the fluff and unnecessary stuff has been taken off the top, so your time is focused, productive and well spent?
  • know that 3/4 of the time, support and attention is given to the application and practical use of data, not the data itself!
  • trust that the teachers are a blast, the tests were based on real life experiences, and at the end of the course you will feelconfident being able to apply the information you’ve a to improve your health and your family’s well-being!

Here’s How This Course Work:

This course will begin with a preparation week. Enough time for you to get acquainted with our resources, community, all the links and information you need to get started. Then every week we’ll send you a new lecture, video or assignment according to the module and course outline. Generally, you will not be expected to spend more than 20 minutes getting acquainted with the core information each week!! But…that 20 minutes will be packed with info that you will be able to take an entire week to implement in your daily life. Each week’s lesson will come with a practical assignment that you’ll be expected to complete at the end of the week BEFORE your next module begins. Further instructions, support, details on how to access the curriculum and the community will be made available upon registering!

The core focus of our program is IMPLEMENTATION and action so you get the results you’re looking for in your life. (We’re not gonna stuff your noggin with more data you don’t need. We want to keep it practical and powerful.)

Here’s What to Do Next:

Decide you’re ready to learn the nitty gritty about life, health and well-being and empower you and your family with the sustainable health and lifestyle skills you need to thrive with confidence in life.

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Our Happy Homesteader’s Guarantee

women's wellness university

We’re here slinging our fingers across the keyboard and putting together the best tools and support we have to help you and your family learn the tools to help you eat better and live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

We’ll do our very best to surpass your expectations, but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase after the first four weeks of the program, if you don’t feel like a healthy, happy homesteader enthusiastic about finding free food and medicine and living in touch with the seasons, then we will happily refund your moolah with thanks and appreciation that you were willing to try it out!

kidKids Can Join for Free!

We’re committed to your whole family’s well-being and the future of life on this planet! That’s why we’re keeping the content clear, simple and accessible to ANYONE! We encourage you to bring the kids on board!! We’ll keep it fresh, playful and practical, and they can attend for FREE!

Get your homesteading heroes fired up for fun and healthy living with you!! We’ll do our best to include extra activities and exercises for young ones in your weekly lesson and activity plans!