The Greenest, Cleanest And Oldest

Staged by the National Market Traders Federation, the competition aims to raise awareness of how markets and traders are helping to protect the environment.


Sally started her green business after she washed her hair and body in clay on their honeymoon in Morocco five years ago.


With her background in archaeology and anthropology, she realised that in the past, people left virtually no traces of their washing and cleaning when using resources straight from nature.

Now she researches and promotes historical resources for washing and cleaning.


Besides participating in historical events, the company sells their unique products online through its own website.


Presenting the award, Julien Lewis, President of the NMTF, said: “This year was the highest standard of entries ever in the NMTF ‘How Green is your Market?’ competition. It was incredibly difficult to choose the winner.


“Natural Spa Supplies stood out because of its commitment to ethical sourcing, unique natural products and the use of environmentally friendly packaging. Sally and her husband have brought pure, natural products back to life and support their customers to lead low impact lifestyles.”


Sally added: “Three of our products are made with the free energy of volcanoes – pumice, clay and alum crystal deodorant. Most of the other resources come straight from plants – soapnuts, henna, argan oil and rose water.


“Other products are made with ancient processes for example our 12th century British hemp oil shaving soap. It is extremely popular among wet shavers and there are some 1200 other uses for it.


“All these products are all fully biodegradable and are suited even to sensitive and trouble-prone skin. We can wash or clean anything you can name with our products, all without rubber gloves.

“Nobody can wait for governments to solve environmental problems – this is why green retail businesses and their customers present the most immediate and highest impact solution.


“By learning from the past, we can make our future green too. “

  • Natural Spa Supplies has become an important resource for information on using green and historical resources. Consumers can purchase from the website too.
  • The National Market Traders Federation (NMTF) is the leading trade body for the markets industry in the UK. Representing around 30,000 market traders in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the NMTF provides unrivalled business insurance, political representation and training programmes to market traders all over the UK.
  • A special ‘Historical Branch’ of the NMTF has been formed for Historical Merchants who appear at re-enactments and events at museums and historical buildings across the country.
  • The “How Green is Your Market?” award ceremony took place on Thursday, December 13, at the headquarters of the NMTF, Hampton House, located in Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.