Heartlines And The Web – The Amanita Rubescens Exeperince

I find a fungus one autumn in a grassy area of a town park. I identifiy it as Amanita Rubescens, the Blusher. I cook and eat it. It affects me, the ripples begin. I am curious to know more. Others get involved. It is prepared as a medicine at a homoeopathic pharmacy, then a group take part in a trial, a Proving. We clarify its medicinal potential. This is then confirmed in homoeopathic practice. Found, tested, prescribed. This book tells this story and indicates the scope and impact of the medicine. We see its relevance for people at the present time. It is needed. Purification. Cleansing. Clearing physical and mental toxic states. Speaking up about long held hurts, personal or national. Parallels with the Arab Spring and other recent demonstrations. Alignment, personal and planetary. The web that connects everything, impelling a radical healing of the heart.

Stuart Deeks has become fascinated by how medicines are found and brought in to use. As a homoeopath he has been involved in the introduction of some new remedies. The first was Buddleia, then Plastic Wrap, a remedy made from Cling film, and now a fungus, Amanita rubescens. He has worked in homoeopathy since 1990 and lives in Brighton, UK. He is also a violinist.


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