New Years 2013 – A Very Special One!


We’ve just entered a new cycle, a really long new cycle. December 21st heralded the end of the previous 13,000 year cycle for earth and the beginning of the next. It’s a new era for all of us.

With all of the shifts in energy taking place and having taken place of late (see blog post…’exciting times‘), the energy is the clearest it’s ever been, ready for us to live the life we truly desire. It’s a new year, a new beginning and a new life for each of us which is pretty darned exciting!!!!! ….


We need to be clear, very clear. What do we really want, really, really?? Really! What do we want to invite with open arms into our life? What sort of people do we want to hang with? What sort of energies do we want to surround ourselves with? What sort of person do we want to be? How do we want to treat ourself and others? How do we want to be treated?

And what do we want to let go of… energies, habits, patterns, old hurts, toxicity etc

We can also set personal intentions for others, i.e. the masses. What do we want for humanity, the earth and all living beings?

Making a list is the best way I know, a colourful list is even better. A list with very clear intentions… maybe spend some quiet time in meditation and really delve deep to come up with that list, a list of your deepest desires. The old adage, ‘be careful what you wish for’ couldn’t be more poignant right now… with the clear energy of late our desires manifest much more easily so it’s worth taking some time to come up with some goodies! Think big and dig deep (into your heart that is).

Of course as we move forward our intentions will change as we change and the world around us changes, but this will set a fantastic foundation to work from.

These aren’t any old New Year’s resolutions!

Happy Manifesting, Happy New Year and Happy New Era to you!

I’m off to create my list.