Have a happy healthy Christmas: 10 raw experts share their top tips

I think we all have, and for many people every Christmas is like this, truth be told.

The number one reason? Although overdosing on legal mind-altering drugs (aka consuming traditional festive foods and drinks in traditional quantities) is seen as an obligatory part of Christmas fun, it’s not fun – not really.

I think we all know that, at least on some level.

You can have fake fun on fake foods…but the soul yearns for something more.

The “normal” thing to do is ignore that voice and tuck in to industrial quantites of sugar, dairy, white flour, meat, caffeine and alcohol – and stumble through the season in the accompanying haze.

But – as you may already have discovered – decline to partake, and the reactions from your nearest and dearest can be decidedly lacking in Christmas cheer.

Every December I receive emails from readers who are worried about how they’ll deal with family reactions to their unconventional food choices.

I’ll be sharing my advice on here tomorrow, but first, a few Christmases ago I asked 10 other raw food writers to share their tips for sailing effortlessly through this very situation, and I bring you those tips today.

Read on to find out how you can make this Christmas a happy and healthy one, no matter who you’re spending it with.