Move over Movember …A Natural Shave With Weleda

Opt for a natural shaving cream with moisturising ingredients such as sweet almond oil and soothing viola tricolour extract, and free from common irritants such as drying SLS/SLES (synthetic detergents), foam boosters, artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Use a brand new blade.

Take your time: the skin on the upper lip is dryer and more sensitive than elsewhere on the face, and the contours around mouth and nose can be challenging.

After shaving, pat down gently with a clean flannel; don’t dry roughly with the towel you have used for your shower all week, which has been used as an impromptu bath mat or mop.

For Mo Bros with oilier skin, apply a soothing natural after shave balm with refreshing aloe vera juice, and moisturising plant oils – avoid mineral oils as these may sit on the surface of the skin and clog the pores.

For dryer skin, opt for a richer men’s moisturiser with nourishing jojoba or sesame seed oils, and cooling witch hazel distillate to sort out any little blemishes.

And if you’re stepping out into the cold December winds and rain with your freshly-exposed boyish good looks, then protect your skin from the elements with a more intensive cream – look out for ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax.