Winter-Proof Your Skin With BLEND Collective Bath & Body Care

BLEND collective Unwinding Hand Cream

RRP £12.50

This nourishing hand cream contains a blend of sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli essential oils carefully selected for their deeply relaxing, sultry tones combined with hydrating aloe juice, cacao butter and sea buckthorn. 

Leaves your hand silky soft and smells amazing…

BLEND collective Balance Body Moisturiser

RRP £20

This hydrating body moisturiser contains a balancing blend of star jasmine, geranium, vetiver and rose essential oils chosen for their harmonising, floral character together with nourishing blackcurrant, shea butter and evening primrose. 

Keeps your body silky soft… 

BLEND collective Unwinding Bath & Shower Oil

RRP £24.95

This relaxing oil contains a blend of sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli essential oils carefully selected for their deeply relaxing, sultry tones combined with soothing sea kelp, passion fruit and corn silk.

Add to a hot bath or massage into the skin before taking a shower if your skin requires extra hydration… 


BLEND collective Enlivening Lip Balm

RRP £8.95

This cute little lip balm pot contains a blend of Sicilian lemon, myrtle and lime essential oils used for their particularly invigorating, fresh notes  together with replenishing shea butter, pomegranate and rose hip. 

Keeps your lips in tip-top condition, whatever the weather…

 About BLEND collective

  • BLEND collective is a new natural body care range from the UK that combines luxury fragranced blends with high quality skincare ingredients.
  • BLEND collective consists of three distinctive luxury fragranced blends – Enlivening, Unwinding and Balancing – all of which are a minimum of 99% to 100% natural and are formulated with delicate essential oils as well as other powerful active ingredients.
  • Each blend has been composed by a leading UK perfumer and aromatherapist. Try the Enlivening Collection for an energising lift, the Unwinding Collection to help you relax or the Balancing Collection for a more Zen-like experience.
  • BLEND collective has been developed and produced in the UK, using the finest blends of 100% pure essential oils that are chosen for their therapeutic benefits as well as their amazing aromas.
  • Available from more than 80 stockists nationwide, including Fenwick and Wholefoods, and online from
  • Products in the range include: Unwinding Bath Oil, Unwinding Candle, Unwinding Hand Cream, Balancing Soap Bar, Balancing Body Moisturiser, Enlivening Body Wash, Enlivening Hand & Body Lotion…
  • Prices range from £8.95 to £25