Can Pure Body Help an Autistic child – Part 2

During a conversation with Steven’s stepfather on 10-16-12, I learned of Steven’s response to the newly launched Pure Body Extra Strength.

Steven now takes both Pure Body products. The original Pure Body is necessary to detox the major ‘highways’ and ‘streets’ of the body, and to support the gut, which is a large part of the immune system.

The Pure Body Extra Strength is the only colloidal suspension of clinoptilolite zeolite in the world. It is nano in size. This product detoxes all the ‘side streets’ (does not go into the colon) in the body. Because it is so tiny in size, and is suspended inside water clusters, it goes into places in the body where Pure Body (original) does not go – attracting toxins and carrying them out of the body. When you listen to the interviews of Dr. Holdford on 10-9-12 and 10-16-12 (, you will have an understanding of what ‘highways and streets’ refer to.

Usually, Margarita bathes her son in the shower in the evening. She then stays with him to soothe him to sleep. Unfortunately, Steven could not calm down enough to fall asleep until around 9 o’clock or later. (He used to jump up and down on his trampoline in the living room for many hours, flailing, bleating and screaming) which succeeded in tiring him enough to fall asleep at night.

Margarita lost her mother to cancer 5 years ago, and calls her dad every night to spend some time on the phone with him. But, with Steven’s issues, she was exhausted, finding it hard to get him to sleep. It stressed her, knowing she would not have the time to devote to her father that she felt she needed.

Steven started the PBX on October 2nd. Each night he became more and more settled by 8 o’clock. By the 8th of October, before he’d even had his 3rd serving of both Pure Body products for the day, Steven had fallen asleep without any jumping or emitting vocal noises.

By October 10th and 11th, Steven was in repose each night by 8 pm, and was asleep within 12 minutes following his 3rd servings of the day! He is now settling down and getting to sleep by 8 pm each night, giving the parents a restful evening, and he now sleeps for 9 to 10 hours at night, instead of his usual 1:30 to 4:30 am start!

And Steven has more spatial awareness, and is noticing object positioning seemingly as though for the first time. He is engaging in corrective awareness on a daily basis now. For example, his mother keeps a 32 oz. bottle of liquid soap in the shower. The other day, the bottle was turned so the label was not facing toward Steven. He noticed this and turned the bottle so the label faced him directly! They also keep a bottle of distilled vinegar on their window sill, which they use to disinfect counter tops, appliances, etc. The bottle was sitting on top of the dryer when Steven noticed it there and returned it to the window sill where it is always kept! Steven has tried to put his sneakers on, but in the past has only succeeded in getting the ball of his foot into the sneaker, with his heel out of the shoe, as he proceeded to walk on his toes. Today (October 24th, 2012), his parents decided to test his awareness. They placed his shoes on top of his armoire. They later found Steven had discovered them and he actually placed them on hisfeet correctly with his entire foot inside the shoe! These changes show that Steven’s cognitive thinking is clearing. He is noticing things he has never reacted to before.

Steven’s parents say these are monumental changes! In the parents’ own words, “We are also amazed and delighted with his new eye contact, gentleness, calmness and affection. What a blessing this has been!”

Kathleen visited Steven and his family on September 27th, 2012, meeting them for the first time. He is a beautiful young boy. He smiles all the time. He is happy. His parents love him so dearly. What a beautiful family!

Steven’s picture and part of his story can be seen on our Touchstone Essentials blog at: steven-is-making-eye-contact/

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