Honestly Healthy : Fridge Fills – The Perfect, Most Cleansing Food Delivery Service To Start The New Year

The brainchild of organic chef Natasha Corrett and nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson, CLEANSE will help you naturally get rid of toxins, leaving you in a balanced state to lose weight the healthy way.

Robbie Williams is already a fan of HONESTLY HEALTHY and said about CLEANSE: ‘Healthy yet ridiculously delicious’.


CLEANSE also offers a great way to help you get in shape for bikini season, Melissa Odebash – bikini guru – said: ‘HONESTLY HEALTHY’s chef Natasha’s cooking is so delicious, I just can’t believe it has no naughty things in it! I can eat till my heart’s content and still look great in my bikinis!” 


HONESTLY HEALTHY offer two levels of intensity; CLEANSE and CLEANSE LIFESTYLE. Both levels include tasty dishes, drinks and snacks such as Pear kale fennel & broccoli juice; Soya yogurt with homemade pecan granola; Watercress & pumpkin salad with a finely chopped vegetable & nutty falafel; Soba noodle salad with courgette & carrot noodles dressed with a sweet miso sauce and smoked tofu sautéed in tamarind as well as Artichoke & sumac dip with roasted cumin potato skins.


You don’t have to be a vegetarian to do CLEANSE – the meals are perfectly balanced, delicious and filling so you won’t even notice that you are not eating meat. HONESTLY HEALTHY believes the secret to healthy living lies in portion control, not abstinence.



Receive a delivery twice a week for 3 weeks. You’ll get your first delivery on a Monday evening for up to 3 days supply of nourishment; and then again on Thursday evening for a further 3 days.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all supplied as part of the 3-week CLEANSE for £810.00 (£270.00 per person per week). 



Also known as the mid-week survival package, you will receive one delivery for 3 days supply per week.  

Perfect if, like most of us, your intentions start well on Monday but by the end of the week all you want to do is have fun and dine out with friends!


HONESTLY HEALTHY will deliver your 3 day supply on the Monday evening to help you get through the hump of your week with some delicious healthy food.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all supplied for this option for £135.00 per person per week.


About HONESTLY HEALTHY and alkaline living

HONESTLY HEALTHY foods contain energy-boosting nutrients and alkalizing ingredients to help balance the typically acidic Western diet. Vicki and Natasha are on a mission to make alkaline eating a way of life!

Vicki said: ‘We are really excited to launch CLEANSE. It allows people to get their weekly fix of energy-boosting vitamins & minerals, alkalizing ingredients and natural liver purifiers.’

The body functions best when in an alkaline state and much of our 21st century food choices and lifestyle is acid-forming in the body, causing a range of conditions from indigestion and bad breath to kidney and gall-stones, IBS, troubled skin and lank hair. Eating a primarily vegetarian programme with an abundance of vegetables, some fruits, grains and pulses can help to redress the balance of a diet that has consisted predominantly of red meats and dairy produce (both of which are highly acid-forming).


How to order HONESTLY HEALTHY Fridge Fills:

Email: hello@honestlyhealthyfood.com

For more information: www.honestlyhealthyfood.com

*Honestly Healthy Fridge Fills are only available in London.