Dressing differently & Consciously

Dressing differently

Ecological fashion is no longer only for “greenies”. Nowadays it’s an absolutely wearable kind of clothing and does not have to be bought in a fusty little shop around the corner but rather via online shops which really put an afford into their appearance and reliability. Some eco-friendly shops even offer save possibilities of money transfers and you can easily pay by PayPal without any risk. Ecological fashion is very connected to ethical behaviour and showing commitment for the countries that cannot easily compete on the world market because of unbearable conditions. Because of the air pollution due to air transport, some companies even avoid productions outside Europe and try to produce near their own facility. Therefore the creation process stands for promoting fair trade and toxic-free productions of clothing. The quality of the clothes is keeping up with the highest standards and you can be sure to get what you expect.

Make the world a better place

Most of the fair trade stores also take great care about their shopping site and offer a whole range of different ecological goods, for example knitted pullovers or organic cotton clothing as well as accessories made from mango wood or recycled glass – you can get it all in a great quality. Besides the good manufacturing, it tends to looks very simple but at the same time cleverly designed. Buying ecological fashion also means showing your respect for the responsibility we have towards other people and future generations. Everyone who is interested in making the world a better place can start with himself or herself first. Of course it will not be possible to change the world with one piece of clothing you buy, but you might be a good role model for those living around you, plus: You are automatically showing your respect for the work which was put in the outfit you might be wearing – and that would be a great signal. Even if it takes some time until all people understand that sustainable development starts with themselves, always remember the Chinese proverb: “Don’t be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”