The sad and shocking truth about chemotherapy

I feel incredibly sad and angry right now, knowing that G put his faith in orthodox medicine and continued to trust he was getting the best “treatment” available as he was pumped full of deadly poison day after day – with precisely nothing done, at any time, to actually support the health of his body.

I’m not saying his cancer could have been cured. I don’t know whether it could have. But the best modern medicine had to offer him (in common with so many patients) was intravenous administration of extremely hazardous substances (more on that below) and that, to me, is a travesty.

Chemotherapy. Chemo“therapy”? The term itself is rather a confusing misnomer.

It’s not therapy – a word whose dictionary definition is “a treatment intended to relieve or heal a condition”.

Poison can’t heal. Can it relieve?

Chemo is capable of killing cancer cells, so it can shrink tumours – though often only in the short term.

But it also kills healthy cells so it can (and often does) destroy the immune system (many who die during chemo die of relatively minor infections their body could not fight), and cause organ failure, internal bleeding and death (to name just a few of its common side effects).

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