Fragrant Moroccan-Inspired Fruit Salad with Rose

Ingredients (to serve 1 fruitarian as a main meal or 2-4 people as a starter/dessert/snack)
4 ripe juicy nectarines 
30 or so sweet ripe cherries
3 fresh fudgy dates
Half of one giant pomegranate (or 1 normal-sized one)
1 UK Tablespoon of organic* 100% natural rosewater 
Grated zest of 1 organic** orange

*most rosewater found in shops is fake and made of synthetic chemicals, order organic from a respected aromatherapy supplier such as NHR organic oils to make sure.
**only use organic oranges for zest as they haven;t been coated in wax and/or pesticides 

To assemble
Stone the nectarines and slice into little pieces
Stone annd destalk the cherries then chop into halves
Stone and slice the dates into tiny pieces
Break open the pomegranate and remove the little jewels

Place all the fruit in a large mixing bowl and then add the freshly grated zest. Drizzle in the rosewater and give everything a good stir. Set aside in the fridge to let all the flavours combine. 

Serve in cute bowls with a sprinkling of grated zest and fresh rose petals if you have them (I lack a garden sadly).

Eat. Enjoy. Swoon.