Recipe: almond, date & coconut balls

This morning I was craving sugar quite badly. I have tried several approaches to cravings in the past and none of them turned out to be useful: if my body wants sugar, let it have sugar, because there is no way to convince it otherwise! The solution? Choose your food wisely.

Junk food always leaves me feeling tired, intoxicated, and at times even grumpy. Keeping that in mind I decided to be creative and use only what I had in the kitchen, resisting the urge to run to the shop and buy a packet of Hob Nobs.

I came up with yummy almond, date & coconut balls and now I am very thankful I didn’t go to the store.

Recipe to make 8 small balls
12 almonds
6 dates
2 tsp of coconut butter
1 tsp of agave nectar
+ dried coconut

1. Put all ingredients in a grinder apart from the dried coconut, adding a tiny bit of warm water if the dought is too dry. Soaked almonds would probably work better, I will give it a go next time.

2. Make little balls of dough and roll them in dried coconut.

3. Lay them on a tray or plate and allow them to set in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

4. Enjoy! They will leave you feeling pleasantly satisfied. 🙂