No Deaths in 38 Years From This Raw Food — So Why is it Condemned?

By Dr. Mercola

Mark McAfee is the founder of Organic Pastures Dairy and, more importantly, one of the leaders in the raw milk movement.

His interest in raw milk goes back to his childhood days, as he grew up on a dairy farm near Caruthers, California.

His parents eventually sold the farm, but when his grandparents passed away, he decided to take over their land and start an organic farm, which became Organic Pastures.

Many of you listening to this interview are familiar with the benefits of raw food, but many are still concerned about their safety; raw milk in particular.

It’s important to realize that there are actually two kinds of raw milk, and they are not interchangeable.

One is actually ideal for drinking raw, while the other must be pasteurized in order to be safe to drink.