Natural Energy Boost with Carnitine and Co Q10

If this is you, then I salute you. Unfortunately, most of us can only imagine living a life with an abundance of energy and mental clarity. After reading an interesting book called Natural Energy by Dr Erika Schwartz and Carol Colman, I felt compelled not only write about their energy boosting concept, but also to implement their simple strategy – the results have not failed to disappoint me.


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Mahatma Gandhi


When you wake feeling full of life, the cells within your body notch up a gear; producing the fuel that feeds your brain, muscles and heart. In stark contrast, when you are feeling tired your cells are depleted of energy, the chase to regain enough fuel to feed your body is relentless and to no avail can your body regain enough energy to supply you with good health. You become susceptible to illness, become irritable and dependant on quick-fix stimulants. You become flabby due to lack of exercise and depressed with your flat lifestyle. There is a serious consequence to a failing energy system that is not so obvious. Take a look at the following list of symptoms that are a direct influence of low energy levels. Do you feel like this most days?


You have things to do, but you keep putting it off

You wake more tired than you went to sleep

You feel the urge for a catnap throughout the day

You experience ‘brain fog’

You over-consume to supply your body with energy

You feel stressed, depressed or blue

Your sex life is barely existent

You re susceptible to colds and illness


Many of the ailments we class as normal in adulthood, such as a cold that won’t go away, a sore throat, backache, headache or other common complaints, are not normal. We classify them as part of life when in actual fact, they are signs that our body is in crisis. We need to learn to recognise when our body is asking for help.

Our bodies are truly amazing and have extremely clever coping mechanisms. We depend on our body to deal with many burdens, such as toxic food and beverages, orthodox medication, stimulants, chemicals, recreational drugs and cigarettes, lack of sleep and exercise, stress and very importantly lack of nutritional foods.

Our body gives off warning signals to inform us that we are in need of a health check. This could be as simple as taking time out to relax, meditate or exercise. It may mean making simple improvements to your diet, cutting back on stimulants or going to bed an hour earlier. Whatever the case is, allowing your body to focus on general maintenance, instead of fighting against toxic overload on a daily basis, will be extremely beneficial to your energy system as it will be to your overall quality of life.


A fantastic duo of supplements have been found to rebalance your energy levels and when supported by a few simple, positive health changes can bring your cells back to life – giving your body a much-needed, natural energy boost.


The brain-boosting, stress-busting, immunity-building concoction is known as Carnitine and Co Q10.



A rejuvenator and stress buster, carnitine is an amino acid, produced naturally by the body and found in red meats and dairy products. It is a building block which is required for the young to grow into adults and adults to stay youthful! If, like me, you are a non-meat eater, you will not produce enough carnitine and will have to supplement from a trusted source such as Health Plus. Red-meat such as lamb and beef are rich in carnitine however in order to synthesise the active compound, you must not be deficient in another amino acid, lysine and methionine. Other nutrients that must be present are vitamin C, B6, niacin and iron. Exercise boosts carnitine levels, whereas environmental toxins use up our reserves. Carnitine production naturally declines with age and excels degeneration of cell organs and energy levels. A carnitine deficiency causes an inevitable, yet premature disease – aging.

Carnitine is an important secondary nutrient and is responsible within the body for:

Transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are made into energy, they are the courier, so to speak.


Feel more alert and focused

Detoxifies the mitochondria, preventing toxin accumulation, DNA damage and ensuring efficient energy production

Boost hormone production

Controlling fat and cholesterol

Strengthening cell membranes and protecting against viruses

Production of porphyrin, required to make red blood cells

Sperm motility; improving chances of fertility

Supporting the immune system


Coenzyme Q10

Also known as Co Q10, along with carnitine is critical for the production of energy in the body. Nature intended these to work together. The only way to get enough Co Q10 is supplementing. Like carnitine, it is produced by the body with a decline around middle age; it can be obtained from foods such as organ meat, sardines and peanuts, however in very small quantities. Co Q10 is synthesised from the amino acid, tyrosine with help of various other vitamins and trace elements. Whereas carnitine is the transporter of fatty acids to the mitochondria, whose role it is to produce energy, Co Q10 is involved in the actualproduction of energy within the mitochondria. Co Q10 is an antioxidant and plays other vital roles within the body:


Improved heart functions, making it stronger and youthful

Prevents free-radical damage

Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

Increases immunisation resulting in less colds or need for medication

Restores communication between cells

Improves brain functions

Assist with sleep and diet

Slow down the progression of Huntington’s disease


So, if you are as keen to start including this energy boosting duo into your daily diet, I recommend you take the following doses, daily with food and a glass of water. This will not only stabilise your energy levels but also improve your mental focus. You may notice a difference in as little as 5 days!


Breakfast and Lunch: 500mg Carnitine and 30mg Co Q10


Magnesium and L-glutamine are wonderful additions for reducing brain fog, appetite, stress and extreme lethargy. Experiment with these once you have regained a healthy energy system.


Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. Buddha