What are the Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes?

Dark circles often indicate a weakness of the kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for the excretion of many waste products, including removing urea from the blood. They maintain the correct balance of water and salts in the body. Ensure you drink at least 1 litre of pure water a day (not tap water) combined with herbal teas, to assist the body in effectively removing heavy metals and toxins. Furthermore, incorporate natural salt into your diet to enable the body to absorb the water that you drink into your cells via osmosis in order to be utilised throughout the body. Remove aging chemicals from your skincare regime and your lifestyle to allow the body to effectively detoxify and remove unwanted waste. A juice fast for 3 days will assist this process greatly.

This wonderful juice is custom-made by Irene of www.love-pure.co.uk It is designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes and any associated inflammation. Irene recommends drinking this juice in the evening for optimum results. 

This comforting, creamy juice is a wonderful substitute for solid food during a juice fast -the Illuminating Eye Juice is a superfood supper.

Ensure that you only use organic ingredients – the idea is to eliminate and prevent further toxins from entering your bloodstream to alleviate the symptoms, not aggravate them further.

Illuminating Eye Juice

1/2 big cucumber 

2 medium tomatoes 

10 leaves of mint

1/2 lemon

A pinch of Himalayan salt

Pass all ingredients through your vegetable juicer. If you are doing a juice fast make sure you pass the juice through a sieve to remove any fibre left. Then juice the lemon in a citrus juicer and add to the mixture. If you find it too strong, add some more cucumber juice!

In addition, applying thin slices of cold organic potato to eyelids and relaxing for 10 minutes will assist with reducing the appearance of dark circles. Alternatively soak an organic cotton pad in Witch Hazel and apply to clean eyelids for 10 minutes. Supplements that support ocular health are Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc and B-Complex.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and they are surrounded by delicate skin that requires specialist care, to remain youthful. Bare Skin Beautyhas formulated an Illuminating Eye Serum with bio-available nutrients to reduce inflammation, hydrate, nourish and reduce dark circles and fine lines. We use organic Aloe Vera blended with raw, organic shea butter for its cooling, soothing and hydrating effects combined with high levels of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Carrot Oil is utilised for its superior levels of vitamin A – an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage and promotes the production of new, healthy skin cells.

Added to this unique formulation is Blackcurrant seed oil for its superior ability to hydrate, being rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs tissue damage and improves the skin’s elasticity. Buriti Oil provides a rich source of beta-carotene, which is a precursor to Vitamin A – this oil supports fibroblast cells and the production of collagen and elastin, leading to more radiant skin. Finally, Argan oil contains exceptional levels of essential fatty acids, including omega 6 (which most of us are deficient in) and vitamin E. It is the most powerful biological antioxidant. It protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation, thereby slowing the skin’s aging process.

Bare Skin Beauty