Cannabis Naturally Cures Cancer – Yes, it’s true!

Cannabis naturally cures cancer. This is now a scientifically proven fact, however, this powerful revelation remains suppressed by the mainstream media, governments and even cancer societies and charities. Cannabis has unrivalled healing powers against cancer cells, destroying them and preventing them from further mutating and spreading throughout the body. Furthermore, the beauty of cannabis is that it works in synergy with the body and therefore no damage is caused to healthy cells and there are no side effects.

Why is Cannabis so effective

Even more important than learning that cannabis can cure cancer, is understanding how and the remarkable biochemical effects it has on the human body. The cannabis plant produces substances known as Cannabinoids. There are more than 60 types of cannabinoid that have been identified within the cannabis plant. The most well known of these cannabinoids is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive component responsible for the “high” effect experienced by people who smoke or ingest cannabis.

In 1988, Dr Allyn Howlet discovered how THC interacts within the human body, which led to the discovery of the Endo Cannabinoid System. In short, we have receptors in our cells specifically designed to be activated by cannabinoids, leading our body to produce cannabinoids, known as Endo Cannabinoids. These Endo Cannabinoids activate these receptors, in the same way as the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. In 1992, Israel scientist Dr Raphael Mechoulam discovered a chemical produced by the body, which was named Anandamide, which had the same effect as THC. Since then many other Endo Cannabinoids have been scientifically isolated and identified, just as other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have been identified and studied.

We now know that Cannabinoids are fundamental to maintaining our health and vitality. All mammals (in fact all vertebrates) have Endo Cannabinoid Systems and accordingly produce chemicals virtually identical to the chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are produced on demand by the body to act on the specific cell receptors for a variety of therapeutic functions. Currently two cannabinoid receptors have been identified, they are known as CB1 and CB2. The cannabinoids produced by our body scavenge and kill free radicals. A Free radical is a molecule containing oxygen which has an unpaired electron, creating an uneven electrical charge. This molecule tries to rebalance itself by stealing neighbouring molecules and triggers a dangerous set of r radicals eactions that damage cell membranes, proteins, carbohydrates and DNA (the genetic material of the cell). This reaction is ongoing until the free radical isneutralised by an antioxidant. In essence therefore, Cannabinoids function as our natural tumor regulators and kill cancerous cells by activating the CB receptors, which are retained by the cancer cell, enabling the cannabinoids to identify the cancerous cell and kill it. They do this by reprogramming the cancerous cell to kill itself by stimulating the production of a chemical called ceramide.

Furthermore, Cannabinoids play a fundamental role in maintaining and regulating almost every aspect of our health. For example, Cannabinoids through their interaction with the CB receptors, regulate our entire body. Cannabinoids stimulate appetite, which is why people experience increased appetite when they consume cannabis, known as “the munchies”. Every time you get hungry it is because your endo cannabinoids have been produced to stimulate your appetite. Your body is constantly producing Endo Cannabinoids to scavenge free, regulate your immune system, balance your mood, relieve anxiety, stimulate appetite and activate various brain functions including the brain’s own editing process. When your body is under attack from toxins (man made synthetic substances), your body, in response will produce additional Cannabinoids to neutralise these toxins. It has been observed that cannabinoids activate our natural anti inflammatory functions, they relieve pain when applied locally, and through interactions in the brain. Cannabinoids are anti cancer, anti inflammatory, anti diabetic, anti epileptic, anti psychotic, neuro protective and actively protect nerves and vital organs. Cannabinoids stimulate brain function and the production of new brain cells. Through completely natural mechanisms that have evolved in all vertebrates, cannabinoids protect us, help us sleep, relax, eat and forget. We would not survive without our Endo Cannabinoids System. Our Endo Cannabinoid System is our natural healer, it has evolved over millions of years to protect us from imbalances and toxins which lead to inflammation, cancer, diabetes and numerous auto immune diseases. When we become unbalanced and unwell it is due to our body failing to produce enough Endo Cannabinoids to keep us electrically balanced and well. This is why Cannabis is such an effective medicine for so many illnesses, including cancer. Cannabinoids produced by the plant (phyto cannabinoids) can mimic the functions of Endo Cannabinoids, meaning when our Endo Cannabinoids become over worked we can top up our cannabinoid supply with Phyto Cannabinoids from the plant.

The fact that cannabis is so remarkably non toxic, yet incredibly effective against so many illnesses, seems too strange to be true. Until you understand the reason for the unrivalled safety and therapeutic effectiveness of cannabis, is because it is the same healing compounds our own body naturally produces.

Our bodies are under constant attack from ever increasing numbers of toxins originating from the food we set, the water we drink, the cosmetics we use, the medication we take, the lack of exercise, and the air we breathe. Accordingly, the majority cannot produce enough Endo Cannabinoids to cope with this daily toxic onslaught and we become ill and unbalanced as a result. We are prohibited from using the only known plant that can provide us with the cannabinoids we need to effectively restore our health. While our governments make false claims that cannabis is a dangerous drug (to date there remains no proven harm to human health from cannabis consumption, even heavy consumption) these same governments approve patented drugs made from Cannabis or synthetic replicas. The US Governments has even filed a patent for the medical use of cannabis, patent number 6630507, while stating cannabis has “no medical benefit” and outlawing it as a Schedule 1 substance, above Cocaine and Meth (which are both Schedule 2). The only legal option for obtaining cannabinoids is through patented and incredibly expensive cannabinoid drugs like Marinol or Sativex.

Cannabis is much more than a plant that can get you “high” it is a plant that can restore your health in the safest and most natural way possible. In addition to the medical value of cannabis, it is also a plant that can provide a completely renewable and safe source of food, paper, clothing, materials, and energy. It is a plant that can save the world and many of it’s sick and dying people, however it is illegal because the global elite profit from our lack of access to a natural remedy. I desire to be part of a generation that redresses this balance and ensures that we and successive generations takes back from the state ownership of our bodies and control over our health and wellbeing.

Why is the healing potency of Cannabis supressed

It may sound ludicrous that there is a natural cure available for many degenerative and acute diseases that is affordable, effective, supports the body’s immune system and has no side effects. Cannabis is suppressed as it is ‘natural’ it has come into being without the interference of man and as such it cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies. If it cannot be patented, then they cannot own it and therefore market and make a profit from it. The answers to many questions in the current world we live in, require following the trail of money, right to the top. Interestingly, we have been monitoring what has been going on behind the corporate veil in terms of brining cannabis to the market. Pharmaceutical companies have recently been allowed to produce synthetic (man made) Cannabinoids which are patented for a variety of therapeutic functions. Marinol, for example, is pure synthetic THC and has been approved as a safe and effective medicine. GW Pharmaceuticals have even been allowed to grow Cannabis in undisclosed locations in the UK and produce a patented medicine made from natural cannabis extract, called Sativex. Sativex has been approved as both safe and effective as a medicine for primarily cancer and MS patients. Yet Cannabis in it’s natural form is still prohibited to normal citizens. It must be pointed out that synthetic versions of any natural compound are scientifically proven to not be as effective as they are analysedby the body and identified as a foreign element, the body then seeks to remove it from the bloodstream.

If any part of this article has resonated with you in any way, I sincerely ask that you join with us in signing our online petition, using the link below, to enable us to open a political dialogue to allow those that are sick and dying to have a choice in their course of treatment, to select a natural compound that will give them a fighting chance to regain their health. 

If you want to learn more about the incredible work being undertaken by Rick Simpson in curing cancer, please click on the link below.