Can You Be Rich Without Being a Bitch?

But I loved it and I think she’s a great role model for exceptional women to emulate.

She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s a self-made, successful and strong woman who has banked an estimated $325m (and counting) from her career. Nobody can doubt her success but she’s not arguably not the best singer or dancer in the world. What she has in abundance is SELF-BELIEF.

Did you see the video when someone gave her a bunch of flowers and she muttered (into a live microphone), “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas”? It was awesome.

Is Madonna a bitch?

Yeah, kinda but in a way I admire. The reason why many people hate Madonna is that she’s strong, opinionated and utterly unapologetic about what she wants. She doesn’t court love from the masses, she has never shared her wedding pictures or given a tell-all interview. She’s become “lucky” by hard work and relentless reinvention. She knows she’s worth every cent of her millions.


Are millionaires any different to you or me?

Forget superstars and famous people for a moment. The average self-made millionaire – what makes them different to people who earn just regular money?

Recently I was invited to a event with guest speaker Heidi Alexanda Pollard ofLeading Ladies International. The invitation described her as a self made millionaire.

My first thought, before I had a chance to censor myself was:

“Wow, she’s a millionaire? But she’s so normal and nice!

My second thought was…

“Yikes, when I met her, I treated her like a normal person“.

Denise Duffield-Thomas and Heidi Alexandra PollardWoah, are you f**king kidding me? Where did that come from?! I obviously had some negative points of view about millionaires, that they weren’t normal… or nice. 

I told Heidi this and we both had a good laugh about it. Heidi’s seminar was all about the habits and mindset that millionaires have – and being a bitch was (SPOILER ALERT) not one of them.

Most women have some deep unacknowledged fears about money and wealth and it’s my MISSION to root them out, so you can earn awesome money this year and beyond.

Don’t be afraid about going to the dark side and uncovering any potential negative consequences of extreme wealth. It’s a great way to uncover how you really feel about money.

Of course you know how you’d spend it, (walk in closet and financing your own movie starring opposite Ryan Gosling, right?), that’s not the problem. I want to know why you’re blocking outrageous wealth and more cash-ola in your pocket.

Because everyone has “stuff” around money (otherwise we’d all be millionaires) – worries about what others would think, fears of losing it all, etc.