Food for Thought

No woman is happy with her weight, right?  Wrong.  Women who follow a macrobiotic diet love the skin they’re in because it fits.  Macrobiotic expert Nicola McCarthy is adamant that all British women could feel the same about their bodies if only they would fine-tune their eating habits.  “Macrobiotics is not a black art or the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous.  Anyone can do it. But it is new to the UK. Women like Madonna love it because, combined with an active lifestyle, it leaves you with the body you should have minus any excess. Plus it reverses the aging process.”  

Macrobiotics originated in Japan and is a well-established food science in the U.S., Holland and Germany but knowledge and expertise in the U.K. is still scarce.  “We were practising macrobiotics and seeing amazing results but couldn’t get hold of any of the right ingredients,” says Nicola.  In 2009 she and husband David, a pharmacist, founded Macrobiotic Shop, an online business sourcing macrobiotic staples from across the globe. The business has gone from strength to strength and in February 2011 they opened Britain’s only macrobiotic supermarket and cafe. “It made me so sad to read that young British women feel the way they do about themselves when I know it could all be so different,” continues Nicola.  “I was one of those girls.  I know what it’s like to step on and off the scales several times a day and spend hours analysing the calories on your plate.

After the birth of my son I was 13 stone and a size 18.  I was a familiar face at Weight Watchers for years and a complete yo-yo dieter until I found macrobiotics.  Then everything changed.  My weight dropped so dramatically, my family thought I had a life-threatening illness but I’d just dropped down to the size my body always should have been (size 6-8) by giving it only the food it needed.  Plus the extra benefits were legion: my mood improved, I no longer had arthritis, my skin became clear and glowing, my hair shone and my nails were stronger than they’d ever been.”  

Nicola believes it’s only a lack of knowledge that is stopping British women from achieving these things for themselves: “Macrobiotics could play a key part in the future as we decide how we produce and consume the right foods in a rapidly changing environment.  It’s good for the planet, six months on the diet and you’ll look as good as you ever will without surgery and anyone can do it.”

You can check out the Macrobiotic Shop and Cafe here