Are Essential Oils Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

The answer is yes. In saying this It is essential that you have the guidance of a fully qualified Aromatherapist, however you may find there are some Aromatherapists may disagree. If you would like to use essential oils I highly recommend you do your research and discuss your options with a Fully qualified Aromatherapist.


There is very little known about the use of essentialoils during pregnancy and here I will focus on my personal experiences and recommendations.

What you should take into consideration ~

Your Health, we are all individuals and most likely have different needs

Whether you have had any previous problems during pregnancy

What stage you are in

Essential oil burner:

Most essential oils can be used in the burner during pregnancy. Because heat is used they evaporate into the air and therefore the amount that may get into your blood stream is very minimal if any at all. Using the burner is excellent for uplifting your emotions, assisting with mood change, evoking calm and peacefulness, energising or relaxing.

Aromatherapy full body massage is not recommended in the first trimester, neck and shoulder, hands and face can be massaged. However there are other topical applications that can be used. 

Benefits of Aromatherapy massage ~

relaxing, calming, promotes blood flow, fluid retention, muscular aches and pains, depression, stress and anxiety, balance hormones post birth, healing, bonding with baby and more…

Dilution for a topical application 1.25% or less

100ml of carrier = 25drops of essential oil in total

50ml of carrier =  12 drops of essential oil in total

25ml of carrier = 6 drops of essential oil in total

Bathing and foot baths– You may choose to use a dispersant to assist in the essential oil’s dispersing into the water, so that there are no large globules floating, that may potentially cause a reaction. Having a reaction is highly unlikely and will depend on your skin condition and general health. 

Benefits of Bathing:

Relaxing, muscular aches and pain, lower back pain, hemorrhoids, insomnia, urinary tract infections, fluid retention, dry skin, would healing, pain management,

Benefits of Foot Baths:

Headaches, varicose veins, relaxing, urinary tract infections, fluid retention, swelling of the feet and legs, leg aches and pain

Dry or steam inhalations which method you choose will depend on what essential oils you are using and what you are treating.Inhalations are fast acting as they are a direct link to the brain.

Benefits of Inhalations:

Cold and flu symptoms, headaches, sinusitis, headaches, mood swings, depression, fear, stress, anxiety, morning sickness, loss of appetite, insomnia, tiredness

Topical application can be used for specific treatments for example varicose veins, muscular aches and pain, lower back pain, heart burn, during labour, post birth, episiotomy, wound healing, surgical stitches, stretch marks 

Compresses can also be used for headaches, pain management, muscle spasm

Room spraysare also a lovely and easy way to use Essential oils to promote energy, relaxation, uplift your emotions 

Citrus essential oils are the safest to use right through your pregnancy for various symptoms. To understand and find out more information it is recommended you consult with a fully qualified Aromatherapist.

Some essential oilsare to be avoided during your pregnancy especially in the first tri-mester and some should not be used until the last stages, during birth.

Essential oil properties to consider or be aware of:

Emmenogogue – assists in regulating the menstrual cycle, not recommended during pregnancy.

Parturient – encourages labour.

Galactogogue – promotes milk production.

Anti-emetic – helps to reduce nausea.

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