Does being a raw foodist mean you’re destined to be single?

And you might start thinking, well that was obviously a crock, ’cause they split up. So yeah, some clarity and transparency required. And let’s be honest, this is a huge topic in the raw food world.


Let’s start with a conversation between my ex husband and I just this very moment as we were speaking on msn.


Emma says (15:24): rod sorry, was just going to say i’m writing a blog about does raw food make you single Ser says (15:24): haha

Emma says (15:24): and i thought it would be shit hot to ask you

Ser says (15:25): yes it does 🙂

Emma says (15:25): whether you think it still played a part in the end, us splitting?

Ser says (15:25): no it was you going away

Emma says (15:25):

not at all? in any way?

Ser says (15:25): don’t think so what do you think?

Emma says (15:25): yeah but wasn’t me going away partly to do with clarity about what i wanted out of life? i mean, that’s what i think. maybe

Ser says (15:26): only you can answer that

Emma says (15:26): the whole food thing wasn’t an issue for a long time was it?

Ser says (15:26): raw food?

Emma says (15:26): yeah i know, but i’m interested in your perspective yeah, eating different

Ser says (15:26): no it didn’t really matter

Emma says (15:26): it did at the start though right?

Ser says (15:27): well yeah cos you were a nightmare 🙂

Emma says (15:27): you wouldn’t put anything that went…awry…down to the raw food thing? haha. shut it so were you

Ser says (15:27): hardly

Emma says (15:27): i might use this in my blog unedited unabridged sp?

Ser says (15:28): good plan big shitey arse bums tits

Emma says (15:28): hahahaha


There you go, lovely little insight in to our relationship for you there.


So let me begin by saying that no, raw food did not end my relationship with my husband. But did it play a part in me getting clearer on what I wanted out of life? Yes. Maybe. Would that have

happened anyway, without raw food? Possibly. There’s really no way to tell.

Raw food wasn’t a problem for us in our relationship. Sure, at first it was. That’s why I wrote Me Raw: You Cooked, to show people how to overcome the major challenges. And we did. The food and eating differently was not an issue for us. But the follow up is that raw food can become a whole person journey. It can shape and mould you in ways that perhaps mean you grow at a different rate than you were before, or were destined to. That kind of shit is bound to affect your relationship.

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