Why Cleaning Your Colon is essential for Good Health

No matter how “hard core” your detox promises to be, the body can still release more putrefied waste every time, even with regular periods of detoxing and a long term raw food cleansing diet. Maybe you have chosen to do a weeks detox program, or even up to a months juice fast. The amazing thing is that you are still cleansing your tissues from deep stores of old toxins.



Interesting enough an adult who has grown up on food that is considered normal and socially accepted, through their teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s can convert to an 80% raw vegan diet and still do a colonic every week for the rest of their life, because their bodies are so full with old waste from years and years of their pervious standard eating habits. This waste is now stored deep in the tissues, that can only be released once the colon is clear enough to take out more of this waste.


A colon therapist can only ever remove a months worth of garbage from your colon at any one time with a good colonic session.


As children we start life with a clean internal system. It is interesting to note that babies, birds and animals evacuate within 15 to 18 hours after every meal. This however is not the case with the majority of the population, due to numerous reasons we do not eliminate often or completely enough. The human bowel is naturally meant to eliminate yesterdays waste not that from 10 to 20 years ago that has already impacted itself onto our intestines and colon.


Even if you eliminate every day of your life and you think your bowels are working efficiently. I doubt that you are getting out anywhere near as much as you have put in. Here is a simple test you can do first think in the morning. Suck in your stomach as much as you can and imagine that your belly button can just about touch your spine. If you can see and feel deep cave appear from under your rib cage to your hip bones then you are empty. This is your mid section that houses your intestines and colon and I bet that you have old waste matter so that you can’t get your stomach in that far.


What’s the matter

The matter that you have put into your body over the last four to five days that has not managed to leave you is known as normal waste matter. The matter that goes back a month or two or three that has begun to embed itself in the intestines is called putrefacative matter Now this is really stinky stuff as you can imagine. Cooking at 98.6 degrees for a month or two will certainly do that to old waste.


When you really begin to cleanse with vegetable juices and with colon cleanses, which are a week of psyllium and bentonite clay drinks and taking daily enemas, you will manage to reach the post–putrefactaion matter. Now this matter will be recognised as white, gray or black. It is hard like plastic or rubber and it lines everything like a thick stretchy tar. It will have no smell and is normally in long elastic type strings. Juice fasting can eventually remove some of this. But better still would be a program of psyllium and bentonite clay mix with herbs and enzymes that will soften this old matter, expand the colon and brush it out of it’s hiding places. 


Psyllium is a seed from the plantago plant, when it is mixed with water and reaches the large intestine it can absorb ten times it’s weight in water this brushes and sweeps along the intestine wall releasing old impacted matter. Bentonite Clay is a volcanic clay that will draw toxins to it in huge quantaties.

Psyllium mixed with bentonite clay is an outstanding combination and can have some great results, even if you have just started out, as it effectively kick starts the system. However for long term cleansing it is recommended that to use vegetable juices, with a full colon cleanse twice a year, preferably in the spring and autumn when you change your diet to the food that is seasonally grown in your own region. This form of bowel cleansing has it’s best results when you have been cleansing and juicing and eating a Raw diet for a while.


Understanding the advantages to you mentally and physically with colon and deep tissue cleansing

Debris, matter, waste and toxicity in the colon can affect any of our organs at any time. Most of our aches and pains, sicknesses and infections can be traced back to the health of our colon. Dr Bernard Jensen identified and mapped the colon into 72 reflux areas that each correspond to your organs and body parts such as: the kidneys, liver, neck, spleen, mental ability, sex impulse, sensory locomotion, arms and legs. When the bowel is weak and unable to neutralize and eliminate these old residues. The blockage and old waste that has become toxic in the colon will effect the tissue of the corresponding organ or area in the body, such as by a headache, back ache, mental fog, depression, restriction of your mobility through swelling and inflamation.


Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them. The blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. A slow moving toxic bowel spreads its toxic contents to all body tissues. That is why when we cleanse we can really feel up lifted and brighter all over, from your head to your toes it is a total body makeover. 

Getting back to full health will require a team approach from a range of health care professionals, from the physical to the mental aspects of your health and that includes but is not limited to a responsible pure diet that feeds, builds and cleanses the bowel and whole body.


Understanding the mental reasons why we manifest a certain illness can also help us take responsibility for our own health. We can also look at colon health from the metaphysical angle (which is the mental cause for physical illness) which is equally relevant. 

For example regarding the colon and intestines which represent the assimilation, absorption and ability to eliminate with ease.

The area of the colon is to release the waste with ease. 

The colon with problems is said to be in fear of letting go of old matter that is no longer needed.

Constipation is a huge problem these days and people who suffer from this ailment can be read as refusing to let go of old ideas, being stuck in the past and occassionaly being stingy.

A  person with diarrhea can be translated metaphysically as being in fear and running away.

Where as a mucus colon is interestingly described as someone who has layered deposits of old, confused thoughts clogging the elimination channel. Wallowing in the gummed mire of the past. These excerpts were taken form Louise Hays metaphysical book “Heal your body”. 


In my own experience, I have noticed something wonderful and that is that my eyes have changed colour since I started to regularly deep tissue and colon cleanse. I used to have deep brown eyes and now they have turned ¾ green as the acidity and areas of toxicity in my tissues and cells reduces. This has taken years and will continue to change I am sure as I keep to a pure diet and fully colon cleanse twice a year. I still see old post–putrefactaion matter leave me each time I cleanse which is remarkable, or is it as I only started to cleanse in my late 30’s?


I strongly believe that you need to continually step up your  levels of cleansing. A three step program to cleanse your colon includes completely resting your digestive system and abstaining from digesting certain foods and drinks.

Then to remove and free your body of the burden of yesterdays waste and flush this out with an enema or colonics. Just as important is to build up your internal bacteria with a good 4 billion strain of Probiotic which will improve your digestion and strengthen your immune system.


This is not a one hit wonder but regular maintenance and TLC for your temple with Raw food, enemas, and regular deep colon and tissue cleansing.


Fiona Robertson

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Fiona runs the 7 day colon cleanse Retreat in Biarritz, South West, France. Where she guides you through a week of purification and relaxation. 

The Home Detox Box was designed by Fiona, which is a 7 day total body detox you can do at home. 



Testimonial form a Raw foody


Mariecke Van Bijssum: Holland


I went Raw over night over 6 years ago, and I have not looked back. I healed myself from a serious sun-allergy, large thyroid, diabetes 2, headaches, back ache and a few other ailments too. Even after being a vegan for 15 years, which initially helped me to lose a lot of weight, I noticed a big difference in my health improvement turning to Raw food. Raw food has helped me be free of any menopause symptoms which is remarkable and a blessing.

I am always looking for new ways to improve my diet, my energy levels and overall health. I have experienced juice fasts with Jason Vale in Turkey and experienced three weeks at the Hippocrates centre in Florida..

I made a decision to do a deep colon cleanse and give my body the opportunity to get rid of all the toxins that were at a deeper level. I am always surprised that it will take literally years to really clean yourself up. I was even more amazed at the amount of old waste that I recognised leaving my body. Long lengths of rubber like substance, all in twists and turns in the shape of  my intestines. It was like a carbon copy of my insides. I noticed on several days I was deeply emotional and felt a great feeling of letting go.

The substance that I eliminated kept coming out for several days even after I returned home…and on the Wednesday after the weeks colon cleanse retreat I had a normal bowel movement. How much o this stuff can there be in your body?

I certainly felt lighter, more energetic, healthier and content that I had done something wonderful for myself.

I believe I will do another colon cleanse in the autumn and see how much I can remove next time. Cleaning yourself up is certainly not to be thought of as a quick process it takes years and the more you can do for yourself the better.