The ONE Thing You Need For a Fabulously Lucky Year

It’s a powerful law of attraction tool and a secret daily ritual of lucky bitches throughout the ages that will literally rearrange the Universe according to your desires.

That’s a huge promise for a bunch of paper isn’t it?

As usual, I promise you non-wanky personal development advice and if you look at my collection of journals over the last couple of years, you’ll know that I practice what I preach.

I started journalling in my teens and although they started out incredibly embarrassing “Dear Diary, Ryan pashed Kristy today, I’m so totally p*ssed”, I realised that I love writing down my goals… and guess what? Some of them even came true!

Looking through my collection of diaries and journals is a lovely trip through memory lane, especially as many are gifts from friends and family who know how much I love them. 

GoalsI even have multiple diaries on the go – always one in my handbag, one beside my bed and many thoughout my office. I’m the ultimate ruthless declutterer but I always keep my journals because they are a gift from the past. It’s so much fun to tick things off, even many years after you first wrote down your goals.

I love looking back at old entries (see this one from 2009) and realising that I’m totally on track!

So, you want a fabulously lucky year? Get yourself a journal!

How to journal “properly

There is no right or wrong way but the main thing is to use your diary regularly. Every day is ideal.

When you’re out of the habit of writing down your goals, everything feels clunky. It’s like going back to the gym after a long holiday indulging in cheese and beer. It’s going to be tough for your mind to come up with things you really want. However, when you’re in the flow or the Vortex as Abraham Hicks calls it, you’ll feel more positive about your ability to consciously manifest. You’ll be a lucky bitch, turning everything you touch into gold.

The lucky bitch flow comes from regular repetition of training your mind on your goals. Most people have New Year’s resolutions but rarely write them down. When I ask a room full of people if they have written goals, it’s usually only a handful.

But we are told all the time that it’s so crucial to achieving outrageous success? Why do so few people do it? Choose to be that minority.

What’s the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?

A billionaire writes her goals down twice a day.

The free iPhone app Evernote is a fabulous place to record thoughts, but it’s not a subsitute for a diary. There’s magic and a sort of committment required when you write down your goals on paper.

Diary tips

Here are some fabulous ways to journal that will really maximise your luck. Try something new every day.

Ask for help

IMG_0126-1Write a letter to God, Santa, your angels and ask for help in solving a problem or dealing with a particular challenge.

Let your creative unconscious mind solve the problem or be open to what divine guidance comes through. Don’t be sceptical, it really works.

Start a new page and write a random question or topic at the top, such as “What is luck?”, “Why am I so grateful?”, “I’m scared because…” or “What would I do with a million dollars?”

Keep asking yourself why, why, why… Put pen to paper and see what you come up with!

Make lists

Spewing out everything that’s bothering you in a What’s driving me crazy or what’s not working list will help you identify things you need to declutter in your life.

Making a list of your accomplishments or past successes is a nice self-appreciation exercise. Start with “Reasons why I’m totally awesome”.

Making a gratitude list is always a pick-me-up and a great reminder of what is already fabulous in your life. Remember, good feelings attract good feelings, so to instantly raise your vibrations start with a gratitude list.

Lists of motivating quotes or writing out your affirmations, such as “Every day I easily attract the people and opportunities I desire”

Write down your goals

IMG_0127There are endless ways to write down your goals and I suggest you change it up all the time. 

  • Use coloured pens to doodle down pictures and words of your goals
  • Write down your ideal day in juicy detail from start to finish
  • Make a list of your BE, DO & HAVEs
  • Write down your SMART goals ie. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a time limit on them.

Identify negative self beliefs

It might surprise you that I love coming up with the negative reasons why I don’t have my goal yet. Shouldn’t we always think in the positive? No – I like to identify where I’m holding myself back, so I can work on eliminating it.

Look at where you are sabotaging yourself, secret self-beliefs that will prevent you living the life or your dreams and write down everything you’re too scared to admit out loud. Take this list to your coach or work through each item one by one using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

Clear your thoughts

It’s no wonder that the famous book The Artist’s Way recommends starting the day writing out three pages of anything that comes to mind. It’s designed to clear all the crap that’s in your head. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, your journal can be your best friend.

As you write, imagine you have a magic power where everything I write magically comes true. And it does! That’s the magic behind the Law of Attraction!

You don’t have to make a huge ritual out of it – no need to get naked or wait until the right alignment of the stars. The secret is just doing it.

Go on – buy yourself a crisp new journal for the year, something beautiful and special that will make you feel abundant every time you open it.

An unused diary won’t help make your dreams come true but a well loved and often used one might do just that. 

Love, luck and abundance

Denise Duffield-Thomas
Success coach and author of ‘Lucky Bitch’